Look to God, not Google

linking with Five Minute Friday at katemotaung.com – write for five minutes on a given prompt, which today is “find”

Blackboard At The CrossroadsI put my trust in Google Maps and it let me down…

I had planned so carefully, checked the route in advance, printed off the section of the map I needed, memorised the basic directions and all was going well… until I realised I had been directed down a road which no longer existed!  I tried to find another way through but before long I was off the section of the map I had printed and I was completely unable to find my way.

Trying to fight back the panic, I stopped and asked for help.  I asked 3 different people: one had no idea, one thought they knew but directed me to a different place all together, one knew the way but unfortunately couldn’t tell their left from their right.

90 minutes later after much desperate prayer and many random turns, I finally arrived at my destination just in time for the seminar I was meant to be leading to finish!  Even worse now that I had got there I had no idea how to find my way back out!

Life can feel like that sometimes.  You know where you want to go, but finding a way to get there, or people who can help direct you, can seem impossible.  Where do you turn to for direction?

I was challenged at church a few weeks ago when the speaker pointed out that so often when we face difficulties in life, instead of turning to God, we turn to Google.  If we have a problem, Google has the solution; if we have questions, Google has the answer.

Of course there’s a place for Google (and I do still use Google Maps), but as my experience proved, Google is not completely reliable.  It doesn’t have all the correct information, it doesn’t have all the answers, and neither do people, however well-intentioned- so when I’m seeking direction, seeking to find my way, shouldn’t my first port of call always be God, not Google?


13 thoughts on “Look to God, not Google

  1. Carly,
    another great post by you!! 🙂 Wow, what a frustrating experience that must have been. And yet, what a great metaphor for being “lost” and needing Him to “find” us, yes??
    God is the great finder, no matter how hard we try to hide.
    I’m down at #62 this week. Good to see you again!!

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  2. I laugh because two weeks ago I googled how to find my true calling. 🙂

    I’m grateful that I found this community, instead, because I’ve learned so much more in my few days of participation about my purpose than I’d ever learn through google.

    Thank you for this precious reminder.

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    1. Thanks Amy. I’m glad it’s not just me! Can you let me know which is your blog? I’d like to read your posts too but I’m not sure which one it is.


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