In Christ Alone

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Alone is a place I have known too well- a place where it seems that no-one knows, no-one understands, no-one cares-  a place where secrets stay hidden, where the fear of rejection or being branded “crazy” causes you to hide in the darkness, where staying in the shadows seems like the only way to be safe.

Honestly, I’ve started this post about four times and taken way over five minutes already because I didn’t want it to get too dark.  But the truth is: alone is a dark place to be.

However, it’s also the place where I discovered that I’m never alone- where I found I could talk to God- the only one who knew, the only one who understood- but who cared and loved and had the power to rescue.  It’s the place where I learned that my hope is in him alone and that I could trust him.  I’m not sure if I’d have learned that lesson elsewhere- so while “alone” was unpleasant, he has worked it for good.  And with Jesus, “alone” is not the place where we need to stay.

“In Christ alone all hope is found”- hope for healing and restoration, hope for forgiveness and freedom from shame, hope that I could come into the light and be accepted, hope for connection with others, hope for a purpose and a future and life in all its fullness.

And as I knew him more, gradually I could step out of “alone” and into “in Christ alone”.

This was the song at my baptism, and in many ways the song for my life.  With Christ we don’t have to be alone, and everything is “in Christ alone”.


6 thoughts on “In Christ Alone

  1. My thoughts exactly! Being alone is a scary place for a lot of us, but without those times we never truly understand ourselves and what God’s plan is for our lives. Being alone doesn’t have to be sad or scary. It can be an opportunity to learn and grow! I also love, love, love that song. It’s definitely one of my favorites!

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    1. Thanks Meghan. Definitely, I think the times that are the most difficult are often the times when we grow the most and God can definitely use them for good.


  2. Carly,
    how special to have that song at your baptism. My favorite lyric is “No power of Hell, No scheme of man, can EVER pluck me from His hand, ’til He returns and calls me home, Here in the power of Christ I stand”

    And, yes, sometimes I hesitate to write because it’s seeming dark, but we never see those candles as brilliantly as when we do in dark places. In fact, there are times where we don’t see any light, and it’s because God has decided that He only needs one. We don’t see the light shining out from us in that dark place, because He is using us alone, but many others see. The darker the place, the brighter the light appears. 🙂

    Just know, if you only receive one comment, that God meant for that person to hear what you said. You may have saved their life. Your entire life may have been meant for that one post. Well done, you good and faithful servant!

    🙂 (but I’m certain you have reached and impacted more than one person)

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    1. Thanks, Tammy. I love that part of the lyrics too. And thank you for your encouragement- though I really don’t like to write about the dark places, I do feel it is something God could use to bring light and hope to someone else. In fact I’ve been praying about whether that is something I need to share more about- not to focus on the darkness but on how God was at work in it- so your comment is making me think. And if it only helps one person it’s worth it.


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