The Same But Different

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I had a strange experience last week.  I went to help with a training session for some teenagers who were going to be involved in a children’s club at their church.  Some adult leaders from the club came along to help, and as one of them walked in I did a double take.

This was someone I knew- we had played in a band together.  I hadn’t seen her in about a year, but this was the last place I expected to see her.  Drinking, swearing and smoking had been much more her idea of fun than going to church.

As she got closer, I realised it wasn’t her at all, but she looked exactly the same!

As it turned out, it was her identical twin sister.  We got talking and it was a surreal experience as I couldn’t quite get it into my head that this wasn’t the twin I knew.  As well as looking identical their style of dress was similar, their mannerisms were the same and their personalities were also very alike.  The one thing that was different was the fact that one of them was a Christian and the other was not.

I felt that seeing the difference between the two sisters was giving me a little glimpse of how God transforms people’s lives- in many ways they were the same but God had made the difference.

That night I had a dream.  In it I saw one of my closest friends.  In real life she suffers from severe depression and various mental health issues, but in the dream, she was healed, she was well and she was testifying about what God had done in her life.  She was the same in terms of looks and personality but God had transformed her.  I woke up with the phrase in my mind- “I know Jesus can.”

God reminded me through both of these things of his power to heal and to save- that we can remain the same in terms of looks, personality and experience but at the same time be utterly transformed by him.

There was power in seeing for myself what someone who is far from God could be like if they accepted him, and seeing what my friend could be like if she was healed.  I was challenged not just to pray for God to save or heal people, but to imagine what they could be like if they were healed or saved, to allow that to raise my confidence in God’s ability to do that, and then to pray it into being.


8 thoughts on “The Same But Different

    1. Thanks- you’re right, it does work the other way too. Imagining what I would be like without Jesus is just scary and makes me thankful that’s not the case!


  1. Oh friend! I wish I could heal those I love from their mental health issues too. God surely can, can’t he? Visiting from FMF where I’m parked in the #9 spot this week!

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    1. He can, and I really needed that reminder to give me hope as things have been difficult for her lately. Definitely one of those “How long, O Lord?” moments. One day though, they will be healed and restored, whether on earth or in heaven.


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