I Hope You Dance

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Several years ago, I attended the wedding of someone from my church.  He was Scottish and his bride was English, so the wedding was taking place in England but the dancing at the reception was traditional Scottish ceilidh dancing.

Anyone who is brought up in Scotland becomes familiar with these dances from an early age, as you are taught how to do them at school.  I still remember being made to line up- girls on one side of the gym hall, boys on the other- and the awkward wait after the boys were asked to choose their partners, as you stood there, hoping to end up with someone decent, hoping that someone else didn’t ask you first as you were never allowed to say no, hoping above all that you wouldn’t end up being one of the few girls who weren’t chosen and who had to pair up with one another.

The wedding party was made up of a mixture of Scottish and English guests and, while the Scottish guests knew the ceilidh dances, most of the English guests had never done them before, so it was funny to watch.  A boy from my church was there- he was about 6 years old- and he asked to dance with me for a couple of the dances.  The dances we did were quite complicated and, as we went on, I could see more and more of the English people noticing and marvelling at how such a small child could do these dances more or less perfectly.  He beamed with pride as several of them came and complimented us when the dance was over.

What the English people didn’t realise was that, while he had a good sense of rhythm, he actually had no idea how to do the dances.  All he did was hold onto my hands and allow me to pull him in the direction he was meant to go.  He trusted me and he responded so well to my lead that he did the dances, although he could never have done them by himself.

As I remember that day, it makes me think that is how it should be with us and God.  It’s as if he calls us to come and dance with him- to join in with what he is doing.  We may not have the ability in our own strength, we may not be capable, but with him we can do more than we would ever have dreamed would be possible.  If we trust him, keep holding onto him and follow his lead, we can do whatever he is asking us to do.  We don’t have to understand how the whole thing works, we don’t have to know what the next steps will be, we just have to stay in time with the music, hold on and follow his lead.

What dance is God asking you to partner him in today?  Will you dance with him?

I’ll leave you with the song that came to mind when I saw this prompt, and “when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.”


18 thoughts on “I Hope You Dance

  1. Carly!
    I had no idea you were Scottish! Oh, I’m partially jealous that you have that heritage. Scotland and Ireland are on my list of places I want to see this side of heaven. I’ve always been drawn to celtic music. The worship is like no other. Somehow a thick brogue adds to my reverence when I hear scriptures read.
    Thank you again for sharing this post. It was delightful! It makes me want to get up and dance. (with a “Tam” o shanter) 😀

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  2. Carly, I love your story and your post. And the fact that our minds went a similar direction. The dance I’m partnering with God in right now is two-fold the family-dance and the writing-dance. And some days it’s a delicate stepping between both worlds to do them well. 🙂

    Visiting from FMF.

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    1. Thanks, Jeanne, we were thinking along similar lines. I completely identify with the feeling of partnering God in two different kinds of dances at once and that it can be hard to get the balance at times.


  3. carly, i love the story:) also didn’t know you were scottish. i have a lot of that blood in my veins. my mother’s maiden name was buchanan and i have seen the buchanan plaid. at one time, my dad had a shirt made from that plaid:)

    maybe someday i’ll see that beautiful country.

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    1. Thanks, Martha. It’s funny that people are only finding out now that I’m Scottish as I’ve mentioned it a few times before (just obviously not in posts that you have read). That’s great that you have some Scottish blood in your veins- you should definitely visit Scotland if you get the chance.


  4. What a beautiful story, Carly. I live the parallels you made between your dance with that boy and our dance with our Maker. Love it. Keep up the great, insightful work! ☺️

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