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This post is a round-up of posts from other people’s blogs that have been some of the most memorable of 2015 for me- posts that have challenged me, encouraged me, made me think or just stayed in my mind long after I finished reading them.  (These are not ranked in any particular order- just selecting the posts to include was hard enough!)

Walking In Wisdom In The Midst Of Suffering- Write For Christ
Barbara is a blogging friend I connected with earlier this year through the “On Being A Writer” book discussion I participated in.  I always love hearing stories of what God has done in people’s lives and several of the posts I have chosen here fall into that category.  Barbara’s story has stuck with me because, in the midst of extremely difficult circumstances, her faith and God’s grace shine through.  Her advice in this post is also really helpful.

Born Again- Amy Riker
Amy is a friend I met through She Reads Truth.  God led us to SRT in very similar ways and it has been exciting to see how God has used it in both of our lives.  SRT has been one of the biggest blessings to me in 2015.  I love how Amy sums up part of her story in this post.

My Story- Remind Me Who I Am
Sara and I were next to one another at Five Minute Friday one week and have visited one another’s blogs regularly ever since.  Sara’s story is another example of God’s light shining through in very dark and difficult circumstances.

Reflect On The Name “Christ”- Back On The Floor Again
Gabriele and I “met” through the “On Being A Writer” group and she has been a faithful encourager to me through the 31 Days series and beyond.  There are lots of her posts that I love but I found the story she shares here to be particularly beautiful.

Four Reasons To Write What Has Already Been Written- Mrs Disciple
Kelly is another SRT friend, and this post really encouraged me in keeping going with writing.  If, like me, you sometimes hear that voice telling you that you have nothing to say that has not already been said, and probably far better, then read this post and find out why you should ignore it.

Peacemaking And Peacekeeping- The Architect And The Artist
I discovered Debbie’s blog during 31 Days.  Her whole series on Hope and Healing is great, but this post stood out to me- a very clear explanation of the difference between peacemaking and peacekeeping, which I found really helpful.

A Greater Safety- A New Name
I love all of Emma’s writing but this post particularly influenced me this year.  It talks about how the parts of ourselves and our stories that we like the least are often the parts that can be most used by God.  The challenge to open up honestly and vulnerably and allow God to use our stories to help others was the final nudge I needed to decide to go ahead and write my 31 Days series.
“Stronger than the fear is the freedom that Christ has bought. And deeper than the shame, is the truth.”  

Ding Dong, The Wicked Witch is Dead: A Pastor’s Response To The Death Of A Childhood Abuser- 20 Schemes
An incredibly honest post talking about the conflicted feelings involved in struggling to forgive an abuser- really helpful discussion of a complex subject.

On my blog the posts which have received the highest number of views are:

The Beginning of It All and How God Stepped In– It seems that other people share my interest in hearing stories of God at work in people’s lives.  This is the start of my story and how God led me to know him- part of my Write 31 Days series on Healing From Abuse  Definitely a memorable post for me too- it was one of the hardest to write but I’m glad I did.

Dwelling in his Shelter– a Five Minute Friday post that for some reason got more than double the usual number of views.

Writing to Find Myself– posted as part of the “On Being A Writer” book discussion, talking about how journalling helps processing and self-discovery.

Noticing Beauty In The Gloom– another “On Being A Writer” post.  The story I shared here is one of my favourites and thinking about it always makes me smile.

Feel free to comment with some of your most memorable posts from this year, or join the link-up at


10 thoughts on “Top Blog Posts 2015

  1. I started reading and have to come back. Thank-you for introducing new writers to me. It is so amazing to get a glimpse of so many strangers become friends, encouraging each other to keep going and having faith to thrive.

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  2. I *love* seeing how you’ve made such wonderful connections through Five Minute Friday, 31 Days, and the On Being a Writer series. This makes me so happy! So glad you shared this post and linked up. Thanks for being part of these communities! Happy New Year to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Kate, and thank you for all you do in hosting Five Minute Friday and for organising the “On Being a Writer” discussion. It has been great to connect with so many amazing people. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

      Liked by 1 person

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