Are There Any Limits?

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There’s a limit to how long someone can survive when they only have a handful of flour and a drop of oil, and there’s no way to get more food.

There’s a limit to how many people can be fed with five small loaves and two little fish.

There’s a limit to your options when you’re sitting by a pool wishing for healing, and the only way you can see that happening is to get in the pool first when the water is stirred, only you can’t walk so someone always gets there first.

They could have focused on their limits.

The widow could have refused Elijah and cooked one last meal for herself and her son.  The little boy could have kept his food for himself.  The man could have ignored Jesus and continued to sit by the pool for the rest of his days.

But they chose to trust, and they found that with God’s power there is no limit.

With his power there is food that never runs out, a satisfied crowd and baskets of leftovers, a transformed life with hope for the future.

Often I’m painfully aware of my limits.  I feel I can’t do it; I don’t have enough to offer.

But what if I gave it to God?  The one “who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20)?

What if instead of looking at my limits I focussed on his unlimited power?

What if he took the little I have to offer and I found that, with him, there are no limits?

I love this video- it shows how someone who has severe limits can do more than you would ever imagine by trusting in God.  If you haven’t seen it before, it’s definitely worth a watch.


16 thoughts on “Are There Any Limits?

  1. Thank you so much, Carly. It does my heart good to remember the limitless power of God. I have seen some of Nick’s videos, and they’re always so inspiring. It’s encouraging to listen to one again. Blessings and hugs to you!

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    1. Thanks, Trudy. It’s always good to remember God’s power, especially when we are conscious of our limits. Glad you liked the video- it encourages me every time I watch it. Blessings and hugs to you too!


      1. If you look at the kind of people God used in the Bible they weren’t usually the ones with a lot to offer, but they were those who made themselves available to Him. I think, in some ways, feeling limited is good because it shows us we can’t depend on ourselves or our own strength and it can make us look to God and His power. I’m sure he has great plans for you as you offer yourself to Him.

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  2. Hi Carly! This post reminds me of a sermon I heard about Jesus. We think of common sense, or the order of things. And then there’s Jesus. He just doesn’t fit our idea of what makes sense.
    Living a life with Him means ‘no limits’. A life without Him is very limited. The choice is mine, and I do waver. But I really want those wide open places of His world of love!
    Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

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    1. It’s true- it’s easy to look at things from a human perspective of what makes sense, but none of that applies with Jesus. I love that, although we are limited, his power is not so we can do great things if we’re relying on his strength. I know what you mean about wavering- I do too, but really I want to make myself available to him and see what he will do.
      Happy Valentine’s Day!

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