Giving It All

This is part 4 of a study looking at the book “Anything” by Jennie Allen.  Click  here for an index of all the posts in this series plus other posts on the topic of Surrender.


Having explored the barriers that prevent us from surrendering to God, this week’s section of the book goes on to explore why we should overcome these barriers in order to do it.

It looks at some inspiring examples of people who gave their all for God- Katie Davis, Bill Bright, D.L Moody and Jim Elliot- and it sets down a challenge to die to self and to truly live for God.

“If God is really real and we are going to live with him forever, shouldn’t he be the only thing?”

 It’s a call to live for the invisible, to step out in faith and to surrender to God.  It’s a risky call but “we don’t risk because it’s safe.  We risk because God is bigger and worth the risk.”

There were two main points that stood out to me from these chapters.

First, that God will give us a vision of what he wants us to do only when we surrender to him.  Bill Bright wrote of his experience of surrender to God: “Had there been no contract, in my opinion, there would have been no vision.  God brought us to the place where we made total, absolute, irrevocable surrender.  Then he knew he could trust us.”

The control-freak in me would like God to tell me what he wants me to do and then I could say yes or no, but the yes he is looking for is a yes to him, whatever that involves- to say like Mary: “I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”  (Luke 1:38)

The second thing that struck me is that surrender is not only about the big life-changing moments.  It is about the little everyday decisions and handing every area of our lives over to God.  As Jennie Allen puts it: “Surrender is usually dying to self on a daily basis and most often found in the mundane.”

I’m challenged to try to do that this week- to seek God’s will even in the little things, and to try to be open to whatever he asks me to do.


4 thoughts on “Giving It All

  1. This part really causes me to reflect – that surrender is not only about the big decisions but “about the little everyday decisions and handing every area of our lives over to God.” I think sometimes I answer too many of those little daily decisions according to my plan instead of seeking God’s will. Thank you, Carly, for continuing to encourage us to fully surrender to God in every area of our lives. Blessings and hugs!

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    1. I agree, Trudy. In the big things we definitely see our need to seek God but it can be easy to think we can deal with the little everyday things by ourselves. That was one part of the book that really challenged me too. Blessings and hugs to you!


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