Into Battle

This is part 7 of a study looking at the book “Anything” by Jennie Allen.  Click  here for an index of all the posts in this series plus other posts on the topic of Surrender.

Fighting Hares

This section of the book focusses on some of the challenges that follow surrendering to God.  Jennie Allen is honest about the fact that just because God has made his will clear and we are obedient to him does not necessarily mean it will be easy.  Life will seem chaotic and out of control at times, but we are called not only to obey him but to trust him with the consequences of that obedience and to let go of control.

She also points out that when we step out in obedience to God, we are picking a fight with the devil and we should expect to face attack and recognise that we are in a battle.

Interestingly, I am in the middle of reading another book on this very topic: Fervent by Priscilla Shirer.  (You’d almost think God had planned it! 🙂 )  It looks at ten areas of our lives where the devil has strategies to try to take us down, and encourages us to be aware of these and to create our own strategies to fight against them with prayer and Scripture.

It has opened my eyes to the reality of the spiritual battle and to how that plays out in different areas of life.  It has shown me that certain situations in the past where I would have blamed myself or others were probably really the work of the enemy.  I still have some work to do on the counter-strategies but I feel more aware and more equipped for the fight.

I wrote last week about stepping into the adventure of being part of a church plant- surrendering to God to step into something scary and unknown.  Yesterday something happened that made me to want to withdraw from the whole thing…

…But that feeling only lasted a moment before I saw the situation for what it was: a strategy by the devil to tap into my insecurities and make me go back on my obedience to God.  It was an attack deliberately aimed at a point of weakness, and in the past it might have made me withdraw, but not any longer.

My eyes were opened to the real enemy in the situation- not flesh and blood but evil spirits in the heavenly places- and so I will stay and I will fight.

It has made me realise though that I need to get serious about prayer and that I do need strategies against the devil’s schemes, because I may not be giving up but I’m sure he won’t be either.

It will be important to hold to the truth that God’s power is greater and that he has won the ultimate victory.

But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world.”  (1 John 4:4)


8 thoughts on “Into Battle

  1. “Important to hold to the truth that God’s power is greater and He has won the ultimate victory” Love this and I needed this reminder and the verse today. Thankful that His confirmation helped you to stand firm. What a blessing! Thank you for sharing this Carly.

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  2. The devil certainly knows all our vulnerabilities, doesn’t he? I love this – that we need “to hold to the truth that God’s power is greater and that he has won the ultimate victory.” Such hope in that! Thank you, Carly. Have a joy-filled Easter!

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    1. He certainly does, but recognising where he’s likely to attack can prepare us to fight back. There is so much hope in remembering God’s power and that he has won the victory, especially at Easter when we see that so clearly. Wishing you joy and hope as you celebrate!


    1. Thanks, Helen. It has helped me to process as I read this book to write about what I’ve been learning but I hoped it would be helpful for other people too. This is another great book that I’d recommend!


      1. Hia Carly, I was ill the whole of last week so still have the tab open with your posts there, waiting for me to digest them better…I also find it useful to review books as this helps me to process what I read….here’s to a great week! Helen xx

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