Just Give Me A Coffee!

linking with Five Minute Friday at katemotaung.com – write for five minutes on a given prompt, which today is “decide”


I have to admit I’m not the best at making decisions.  I feel paralysed when there are too many options or I’m not sure which one to choose, and I worry about making a wrong choice.

The first time I went round to visit some friends turned into a series of far too many decisions.

I could cope with the first one ok:

“Tea or coffee?”

“Coffee please.”

I could deal with the next one too:

“Would you like milk or sugar?”

“Just milk please.”

But that started a series of other decisions:

“Caff or decaff?  Big or small?”

At least I understood what those meant, but then they started asking if I wanted a red one or a purple one and went to check if they had any gold ones left in case I’d prefer one of those!  (They were talking about pods for their coffee machine and I still don’t understand the difference between the different colours.)  Next they asked if I wanted a number 6 or a number 7.  (I still don’t understand what that means either.)

They spent about ten minutes trying to explain it all to me and in the end I just asked them to choose something to give me, because, honestly, I didn’t really mind.

I am grateful to have friends who will welcome me into their home and spend time with me and make me coffee.  That is all that matters.

I think I do the same thing to God sometimes though.  If I’m bad at the small decisions, I can be even worse at the important ones, because I so desperately want to make the right choice.

In one situation where I faced a big decision, I did everything I could to discern the right choice.  I prayed about it, I asked people’s opinions, I weighed up the pros and cons and I really tried to listen to what God was saying, but I had no idea what he wanted me to do.

Finally someone gave me some good advice.  God has already told us most of what he wants from us in the Bible.  If we’re seeking to know God and to walk with him and live for him, he will show us the way.  Maybe the decisions that seem so important to us are not always the biggest ones for God. Often what really matters to him is not so much our outward situations but our hearts.  And if the outward situation does matter and we’re seeking him, he will show us which way to go.

I finally felt free to make the decision.  It was a bit like I had been asking God if he wanted red or purple or a number 6 or number 7, and he was sitting there thinking, “Just give me a coffee!”


21 thoughts on “Just Give Me A Coffee!

  1. Love!! Such a creative fun post. I’m not much of a coffee drinker myself…more of a tea drinker. But there are plenty choices there too! I’m in the 7 spot this week.

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  2. the decisions that seem so important to us are not always the biggest ones for God. Oh if we would ever just learn this truth!

    Coming to you from FMF#61

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  3. I love coffee – love it too much and oh those decisions. It takes my husband and I forever to buy a car or furniture or last year remodeling the pool and then carpet or tile and what color. I know that feeling, but we do pray and ask God for guidance. It’s all His.

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  4. Yep, he’s more concerned with us giving our hearts over. The rest will result, all the outward things we worry about, if we truly have. I think this is even more important to understand so when something doesn’t go the way we thinknit


    1. Ugh, can’t edit on my phone. Thumb typing is dangerous. 😀

      Anyway, as I was saying, when things don’t go a certain way, but we have our eyes fixed on Him, we don’t have to beat ourselves up. The opposite is true as well, often we assume that because there is nothing “bad” in our lives He’s saying we’re doing the right thing. Either of these situations often results in us not giving God the only thing he’s asked for.

      Thanks for another great post.

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      1. Thanks, Sara. It’s so true that we can’t always judge by the outcome if we’re doing what God wants. Following him doesn’t guarantee it will be easy but we can know he’s with us.

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  5. Carly, what a great post! Isn’t it funny how, in our efforts to give people exactly what they want, we sometimes overwhelm them with all the choices we have to offer? I’m with you. If a friend invites me over for coffee, my hope is to spend time with her, and sip some coffee.

    I think you’re right. God’s looking at our hearts in the decisions we make. He guides us, definitely, but He wants our hearts to be aligned with Him in the process. Thanks for this reminder today!

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  6. Carly,
    Oh how funny! Kate’s post was coffee and decisions too. 😊 I agree that we worry too much about the details instead of the main agenda.
    I don’t have a pod. I’m not one of the pod people, ha ha ha. (Hope you get that reference)
    Thank you for sharing!
    (#8 this week)

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    1. It’s funny how we were thinking along the same lines. I don’t read other people’s posts until I’ve written my own so I didn’t realise until later.
      I had to look up the pod people reference but I’m glad you’re not one of them- they look pretty scary! 🙂
      Hope you have a good week!


  7. Hi Carly! My husband really gets upset about Starbucks, a big coffee chain. They have their own language, even for coffee cup sizes!
    This is a timely post for me. I have been making some decisions, and then I immediately challenge my reasons. Ugh. So exhausting! I like the thoughts that God has already helped us to make our decisions through His word, not only in the bible, but in our hearts.
    I need to rely on His strength, and just say, “I’ll have what He’s having!”

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    1. Hi Ceil, yes, we have Starbucks here and they have unusual names for the cup sizes too! So confusing!
      Praying for you in your decision making. It’s not easy, but I like how you put it- “I’ll have what He’s having!” That’s definitely the best way to make a good decision.


  8. I am a coffee fan, so you had piqued my interest in your title.
    I agree. When God has our hearts, he will guide us in the direction we should go. Following Him is our big decision. The details of how are easier when we cling to him.

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