When We Fall…



“Falling is inevitable- staying down is optional.”  (Carrie Johnson)

Children seem to understand this truth.  They take their first tentative steps, holding on at first, then eventually letting go to venture out on their own.  For a moment they are doing it- they are walking!  Success!  But the triumph is short-lived as they begin to wobble, and sooner or later they fall to the ground.

It’s part of learning.  No-one expects that a child will walk perfectly first time.  No-one is disappointed in the child or berates them for falling to the ground.  The child doesn’t think “I tried walking and I can’t do it.  I guess it’s just not for me.  I’ll have to stick to crawling.”

They get up and they try again.  There may be pain and there may be tears, but after some comfort and encouragement they are ready to give it another shot.  It won’t be the last time they fall.  They will probably fall many times, but they get back up and they keep learning and eventually they get it.

Jesus held children up as an example for us and there is a lot we can learn from their attitude here.

As we learn to walk with Jesus, falling is an inevitable part of that too.  I don’t always like to accept that.  I don’t want to fall- it’s painful and I don’t want to make a fool of myself or for others to see me fail.  But if we want to learn and grow it is inevitable.

When we fall, it can be easy to beat ourselves up, to give in to shame and disappointment, to become discouraged and to feel like giving up.

But when I feel like this, the story of Peter always encourages me.  He was someone who passionately followed Jesus, who showed tremendous faith on some occasions, but who was also weak and flawed, and who fell several times.  He was real and he was human, and despite his faults and and failings, he got to play an important part in God’s plan.

Just looking at one example from Peter’s life- the story of him walking on water found in Matthew 14:22-33– I think there are several things we can learn about falling:

Falling doesn’t mean we have no faith.  Peter stepped out of the boat onto the water, obeying Jesus’ command.  He showed amazing faith to do that in the middle of a raging storm, he was the only one of the disciples who was willing, and for a moment he achieved something great: he walked on the water because he trusted Jesus.  But then doubt and distraction kicked in, his attention was drawn to the wind and the waves and he began to fall.  Does that mean his faith wasn’t real?  No, it is the reality of being human- we can display great faith one moment and a moment later we can fall.

Jesus is there to pick us up.  As Peter sank beneath the waves, Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him and helped him back into the boat.  He didn’t let him drown but he pulled him back to safety.  He never condemns us when we fall either and he never abandons us.  He doesn’t want us to stay down; he wants to help us get back up and try again.

We need God’s grace.  Peter was helpless to save himself as the waves overpowered him.  He needed Jesus to step in and save him.  When we fall we can’t just pick ourselves up by being good or trying harder.  We need God’s help, and when we call on him he gives it freely.  “I waited patiently for the Lord to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry.  He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire.  He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.”  (Psalm 40:1-2)

God can work good from our experiences of falling as they can teach us and others.  As Jesus and Peter climbed back into the boat, the disciples worshipped Jesus, declaring, “You really are the Son of God.”  They had seen his power and his grace and it had given them faith and a clearer understanding of who Jesus was.  There are always lessons to be learned from the times when we fall.  Learning how weak we are reminds us of our need for God.  God’s response when we fall teaches us of his grace and forgiveness.  Through our own experiences of falling we learn compassion to help others when they fall.

I need to learn from children- to stop looking at falling as a disaster and to start seeing it as a normal part of learning and growing- and I need to learn from Peter and let my first response when I fall be the same as his- “Save me, Lord”.  I need to get back up and keep going- to allow God to gently help me up and put me back on my feet, no matter how many times I fall.

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16 thoughts on “When We Fall…

  1. hey Carly … how very good of God to give us real life examples in His Word. no one walked through those pages perfectly, except God the Father, Son, and Spirit.

    it’s a wonder that He can use us as broken as we are. what a grace!

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    1. Hi Linda, yes, I love how the Bible is full of examples of God working through broken people. It definitely encourages me that he can uses us too!


  2. Thank you for this hope-filled post, Carly. I started walking at 9 months, but I fell and hit my head on the corner of the coffee table. I didn’t get up and try again until I was over 11 months. I find that still happens sometimes. Pain knocks me down and shame holds me down for a while, but I have found Jesus so faithful in pulling me up again to take the next step. The story of Peter and Jesus on the water is one of my favorites as I can so identify with Peter losing sight of Jesus as his eyes were more on the storm. I love your list of what you learned from this story. Blessings and hugs to you!

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    1. Pain and shame can certainly knock us down and keep us there for a while and it can be hard to keep our eyes on Jesus in the midst of the storm. This story encourages me that Jesus is stronger and he can always lift us back up and help us get back on our feet again. Blessings and hugs to you too!

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  3. Your words about children reminds me they often take their first steps towards a parent who has his or her arms out wide ready to catch them. We should do the same – keep our eyes on God and Jesus so there is less fear when we fall. Thanks for your words.

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  4. Your words here are divinely inspired, Carly! How I needed to read this today! I love how your focus is on a child learning to walk. I too want to see it through the eyes of a child! Knowing He will always be there when I call, to pick me up and bring glory to Him! Thank you, thank you!

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    1. Thanks, Carrie. I’m so glad it encouraged you. I think we can be so hard on ourselves sometimes but God knows we are going to fall and that doesn’t change how he feels about us. He just wants to help us get back on our feet again.


  5. Your assessment of what we can learn from falling is very sound. May I humbly add the idea that we can learn to do things differently. This morning I picked my granddaughter up from church. While sitting in the parking lot I noticed the dumpster was overflowing and birds were pulling interesting items out of the opening. I had an experience of watching two roads open before my eyes. I remembered ignoring something like this before and letting someone else do the work. When I let those opportunities go by I felt the feeling that I had fallen. Fallen from grace, I might say. So I looked down the other road. That meant getting out of my car and going into the church to find a broom and dustpan. My granddaughter appeared and when she got into the car I proposed the two roads to her. Shall we ignore the mess and leave it for someone else, or shall we clean up the mess. She agreed to help. While we were picking up the disgusting leavenings two teenage boys stopped and actually jumped on the dumpster lid to push down the contents. I am ashamed to say that this experience was profound. That might indicate that I often choose to let others clean up,the mess. But, not today. I remembered how I felt when I walked away.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this story, Gabriele. I agree, it is important to learn from the times when we fall and it can help us do things differently next time. I was thinking of you and your “Rising Strong” series as I was writing this. I still haven’t got round to reading it, but I hope to soon.


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