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Write for five minutes on a given prompt, which today is “create”.


As people made in the image of a creative God, we have the power to create, and there is something amazing and beautiful about that.

I think the first time I discovered the power of creating was when I was studying music in high school.  Until then I had always loved playing music- taking the notes on the page and bringing them to life, letting them speak, giving them expression- but when I began learning to compose music it opened up a whole new world.

I loved the idea that I was no longer just recreating someone else’s music; I was creating my own-  portraying a whole world of character and emotion, and expressing things I could never put into words.

Where others sometimes struggled when faced with a blank sheet of paper, it was something that came naturally to me.  I had no shortage of ideas- I loved to create music that was how I wanted it to be and I knew exactly what I wanted the music to say.  I would work at it and revise it until it was right.

(Update: after requests to share some music I have managed to dig out a recording which you can listen to here.  It’s quite an old one, very rough and unpolished performance and recording, and I don’t usually write choral music, but it is the best I can find for now.  I’ll look at possibly sharing something more recent in the next few months.)

We are creative because we are made in the image of a creative God, but we are also his creation.  Each of us is a melody in his great symphony, and each part is important.  There is no accident in God’s creation- we are what he intended, what he chose to create- and he renews us and refines us until we are just right, until our song fits with the bigger picture he is creating and the result is beautiful harmony.

“Come thou fount of every blessing.  Tune my heart to sing thy grace.”



16 thoughts on “Create

  1. Oh how special that must be to write your own music. What a wonderful gift. I love music, especially worship and All Sons & Daughters is one of my favourite groups. BTW have you ever thought of sharing some of your music here: I’d love to hear it!

    It’s such a beautiful thought that He chose us as His melodies. Sometimes we need that reminder…I know I do, time and again. Thank you for your beautiful words today.

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    1. Thanks, Anna. I need that reminder regularly as well. I have thought about sharing some music here but I’m not sure about it. I don’t really have any decent recordings at the moment but I might try and do it at some point.


      1. Carly,
        oh and I was really hoping you’d share! 🙂 I have an older post when the prompt was “free” and I shared a song I’d written. The recording? Just my videocamera in my spare room with my guitar and my voice. Raw and unedited.
        The joy you give when sharing makes up for any unpolished apology you might stammer out. And? We’re a pretty gracious audience, simply awed at what God has put in your head!
        (I didn’t post this week. I was too busy creating the illusion of “Tammypatra” at our Vacation Bible School for the kids.)

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      2. Thanks, Tammy. Ok, you have persuaded me. I remember your song- I loved it and was so glad you shared it.
        I’ve added a song to the post now and you can listen here:
        It is from several years ago, it is a very rough, unpolished performance and recording and I don’t usually write choral music but it is the best i can find for now. Will consider sharing something more recent at some point soon.
        Hope your VBS went well-sounds like fun!

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  2. I second the sentiments of Ana, I’d love to hear some of your music. I find composing hard, maybe because I’m not patient with notation. But, don’t you just love how time stands still when you are working on a music project?

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  3. How good of our Creator to gift us to create … and that gift seems to morph and change, blossom and take on new vistas as the seasons of our lives change.

    Thanks, Carly, for these inspiring words.

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  4. Carly, love this: “As people made in the image of a creative God, we have the power to create, and there is something amazing and beautiful about that.” I’m in the 51 spot this week.

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