Dancing In The Rain

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Write for five minutes on a given prompt, which today is “happy”

The prompt is in honour of Jennifer Dukes Lee’s book “The Happiness Dare” which was released this week.  I have loved being part of the launch team for this book and would definitely recommend it.  I wrote some more in a post here, you can take the free Happiness Style Assessment here and you can order the book here (UK) or here (US).



When I think of the word “happy” one story comes to mind.  I know I’ve shared this before, but I think it’s worth repeating:

It was a wet, dull, gloomy day, and that seemed to be reflected in people’s state of mind. The city centre was busy, but people were hurrying from shop to shop with their heads down, desperately trying to stay out of the rain.  There was little interaction or conversation.  Everyone just wanted to do what they had to do and then get somewhere dry.

Then, on a bandstand in the middle of the street, a brass band began to start playing.  The cheerful music pierced the general atmosphere of gloom and gradually people began to slow down and look up.

The band was good and the music drew me in so I went over to listen- and I wasn’t the only one.  Before long, a small crowd had gathered.  There was no shelter and we were getting wet, but suddenly it didn’t seem to matter.

As the band, rather appropriately, began to play “Singing in the rain,” I noticed an elderly lady standing in front of me.  She stood out anyway in the dullness of the day because she was wearing a bright pink raincoat, but what really caught my attention was the way she responded to the music.

At first she began to sway from side to side.  Then her foot started tapping.  Then it just seemed that she could no longer hold herself back.  Someone nearby had a rainbow umbrella.  It didn’t seem that the lady knew them, but she went over and took the umbrella from them and began dancing up and down the middle of the street, twirling the umbrella round and round as she went.

It was a beautiful moment.  Her dancing was nothing special- it wasn’t even in time with the music- but there was so much beauty in her spontaneous happiness, and her lack of concern about the miserable weather or what people thought of her dancing.

As I looked around at the people in the street, no-one could help smiling.  That lady’s happiness was contagious- it had brightened everyone’s day, brought a crowd of strangers together and caused us all to pause for a minute and see that even on a dark, wet, miserable day there is happiness to be found if we are willing to look for it.

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25 thoughts on “Dancing In The Rain

  1. Beautiful post. You should read Jeanne’s FMF post: she headed in the same direction: if we just look for it, we find it. God’s goodness is always there to taste and see, isn’t it? I’m so good at shutting my eyes to it…but Jennifer’s book is changing that!

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    1. Thanks, Anna. I will read Jeanne’s post- she and I seem to do that a lot! It is amazing how just being intentional about looking for happiness can change your whole perspective.


  2. Carly, what a great story! That the band would play IN the rain? Love that. That the lady would dance out her happiness, not caring what those around her thought? Yes, that’s the kind of happiness I want to live in. 🙂

    What a great reminder that, even in those seasons that feel like drudgery, we can choose happiness. Fun post today!

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    1. Thanks, Jeanne. There was a bandstand so the band were under cover. It was just everyone watching them that was getting wet! But it certainly brightened the gloom and I loved that lady’s response and the fact that she didn’t care what people thought.

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  3. I love this story, Carly. I can certainly envision this lady dancing in the rain with an umbrella.

    It reminds me of the time when we were at a July 4 celebration and we were listening to a band play while waiting for fireworks to start. A lady and her little girl got up and danced to all the tunes while the father just sat on his blanket smiling as he watched them. They were all oblivious to the crowd around them. Just their love and joy showed on their faces. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

    It brings home to me how much I’ve let fear of what others think rob me of joy …

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    1. Thanks, Jerralea. That’s a beautiful story too. It’s true that we would be much happier, and much more free to express our happiness, if we could let go of worrying about what others think.


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