When You Wonder If You Really Matter To God

God's power is more than enough for everyone. He cares about the big things and the little.

When I asked my friend if I could pray with her, the response made me sad:

“It’s okay, you don’t have to pray for me.  There are people with cancer and lots of other things worse than me.  You should pray for them.  I’ll be fine.”

It was as if she felt her problems and her concerns were unimportant to God, that she didn’t matter as much as other people, that she could only go to him with the really big issues and that she had to deal with everything else by herself.

It was as if she thought that, by asking God for help, she was taking his time and attention away from people who needed it more.

I assured her that God was big enough to deal with all of it, that I would pray for those other people but that I wanted to pray for her too, that God’s power was more than enough for everyone, and eventually she let me do it.

But don’t we all have those times when we wonder if our struggles really matter?

We look at the world around us and see massive issues like poverty, terrorism, human trafficking and natural disasters.  We look at people we know, in our family or community, and see serious illness, mental health problems, divorce and bereavement.  If we’re not struggling with any of those “big issues” it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that our problems don’t matter, or that maybe we don’t matter.  Maybe it seems wrong to bother God with our little concerns when there are people dealing with so much more.

My favourite story in the Bible is probably the story of the lady who suffered with bleeding for twelve years but was healed by touching Jesus’ robe.  I relate to it on so many levels- the years of feeling “different” and unclean, the growing faith that Jesus was the answer, the time hiding at the back of the crowd, battling the feelings of unworthiness and trying to work out the best way to approach him, and finally, the moment where a encounter with Jesus brought transformation.

The part of the story that has been speaking to me this week though is the part after the woman receives her healing, because there’s something I hadn’t considered about this passage before:  while all of this is happening, Jesus is meant to be on his way to a girl who is dying.

It is as he is making his way to Jairus’ house to help his daughter that the woman weaves her way through the crowd to touch his robe. Once she has received her healing, surely it would have made sense for Jesus just to let her go so that he could continue on his way.

But instead, he stops and asks: “Who touched me?”

I’m sure the disciples wonder what Jesus is doing.  Why does this matter when a girl’s life is at stake?  They point out that there is a huge crowd pressing in all around him.  Somebody probably accidentally bumped into him.

But Jesus knows it was deliberate; power has gone out from him.  And so he waits- until eventually the woman steps forward and comes out of hiding.

Trembling with fear, she falls at his feet, but he publicly affirms her faith and addresses her as “daughter.”

It’s an amazing display of love and compassion.  Not only has she been healed physically, but she is restored emotionally, and freed from the shame she has carried for twelve long years.

I love that Jesus takes the time to do this at a moment where it would have been understandable for him to ignore the woman to get to someone with a greater need.  Of course we know the end of the story: he will get there and he will heal the girl, but he has time for the woman too.  His power is more than enough for everyone.

I love that someone who was overlooked and disregarded by others, seen as an outcast and considered unclean, is left in no doubt about the fact that she matters to Jesus.

And I love that we serve a God who cares about the little things in our lives as well as the big ones, that we never have to hesitate to come to him, thinking that our concerns are too small or insignificant to bother him with.  He cares about the details of our lives, and each one of us matters to him.  He showed that by making time for the woman, and he showed that by answering the prayer for my friend in a way she would never have expected, letting her know that she mattered to him too.

“What is the price of two sparrows- one copper coin?  But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.  And the very hairs on your head are all numbered.  So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.”  (Matthew 10:29-31)


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34 thoughts on “When You Wonder If You Really Matter To God

  1. Love your insights into the story of the woman who had suffered from bleeding for twelve years. This is one of the stories in the gospels that God used to speak to me concerning my problem with my neck. What stood out to me was that all I needed to do was reach out and touch Jesus and I would be whole. When this didn’t happen immediately, I went into surgery with the though of reaching out and touching Jesus, and a very complex, five hour surgery was done with no complications. It is interesting to me how God knows just what each of us need to hear in our current situation. A passage we’ve read over and over suddenly says exactly what we are needing to hear.

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    1. Yes, I love how a passage we’re very familiar with can suddenly speak to us in a new way. Thanks for sharing what it meant to you as you went in for your surgery. I’m glad it all went well and there were no complications. Praying that your recovery is continuing to go well.
      (I sent you a Facebook message from my proper account as I will be shutting the other one down- I couldn’t find a button to send a friend request.)

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  2. Thank you so much for this encouraging post, Lesley. I love that story of the woman who was healed. It is a good reminder for me today that nothing escapes His notice and compassion, and His power is more than enough for everyone. This post and the song have helped the tears building up in my heart today to burst forth to God. “He can hold the world, and He can hold this moment…” Not one of our moments, fears, or troubles go unnoticed by Him. No matter is too insignificant for Him. He has us in His grip and will never let us go. Blessings and hugs to you!

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    1. Thanks, Trudy. Praying that you know God closely with you and are reminded of just how much he loves you and cares for every detail of your life. It is so encouraging to know that we can go to him with anything and that he will never let us go. Blessings and hugs!

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  3. Oh, Lesley, that was beautifully written, truly. I stopped to consider how in the present moment Jesus can be. Lately, Ive noticed that I have time for awareness even as I am proceeding through my day. It doesn’t take much time to touch someone’s arm and really look in their eyes. You inspired me.

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  4. Lesley…so nice to meet you;) I saw the photo from this blog when you visited my site today and I said that logo looks familiar. I am so proud that God has blessed you with the courage to share your real name. I look forward to continuing following you. I’m glad to know that we mean everything to our Heavenly Father! I love the song you share and keep praying for your friend. God loves it when we talk with Him.I hope you have a fantastic week and may God richly bless you as you seek to live for Him!

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  5. Knowing that we are seen – that we matter firstly to God and then to others – can be such a game changer. It’s sad to know how many don’t think the small details of their lives are precious to God. What a blessing that you could share that bit of encouragement and the love of God with your friend. Visiting today from #tellhisstory.

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  6. Often I have been the one like your friend, scared to share my prayer needs when others in the room would share about people struggling with sickness, death or some major loss. It’s like I know that God cares about me, but I didn’t want to trouble others who have more serious problems. I find that my problem with that is rooted in deceptions that say I am not enough, not worthy. I am so thankful for a God and Savior that declare me more than worthy!

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    1. It is hard when we see other people struggling with things that seem so much bigger. But yes, I love that we are worthy in God’s eyes and that he cares about the little details of our lives as well as the big issues. Thanks for visiting, Deanna.


  7. Yes, I think we all struggle with not wanting to bother Jesus when so many people seem to need Him more. Yet He loves and helps us all equally. I am glad I don’t have to wait in line wait until my problem is big enough!

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    1. Thanks, Valerie. It does help to see that we are each part of God’s big story, and to know that each one of us has a unique part to play. We all matter!


  8. How beautiful. We are important to God. No matter how many other important things He needs to attend to, we are important to Him too.

    Now listening to Jason Gray on Spotify. 🙂

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  9. Dear Lesley, I find this post interesting! Ye these days peole dont want to be prayed for! I had a similar encounter last week. A young woman in obvious pain walked into my little new office to make enquiries. I saw she was in obvious discomfort and I asked if I could pray for her…well she said NO… Her excuse was she had been prayed for and I shouldn’t bother.
    Well we always have such on the field of evangelism…saddly many people have built up walls against hearing the gospel and such excuses are uncommon.
    But I didn’t feel bad I went on to pray for her in my heart *smiles*

    Don’t be discouraged, someone still needs your kind and compassionate heart.
    And of course we matter to God despite all the evil the world is immersed in.
    God Bless Lesley

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    1. Thanks, Ifeoma. It is sad when people don’t want to be prayed for because they don’t feel they matter to God. But I also understand that it’s hard for people if they’ve already been prayed for and it wasn’t answered as they hoped. That can reinforce the lie that God doesn’t care and I understand why they might not want to risk being disappointed again if someone else prays for them. I have been there.
      But I love that, although God doesn’t always answer our prayers as we want, he does care for us and for the details of our lives.
      I like that you went on to pray for the lady in your heart anyway.


  10. This is one story that has intrigued me for a long time, and I’m captivated by Jesus’ response and her faith. There is such comfort in knowing that no part of our life, including our struggles is overlooked by Jesus! In a world where it is very easy to get lost along the wayside, this is a great reminder. You should share on Fresh Market Friday link-up! You could be the next featured writer:) Crystal~

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    1. Thanks, Crystal. It is a fascinating story- it seems like even when we’re very familiar with it there is still more to discover. And I love that Jesus cares about the little details as well as the big issues.
      Thanks for the invitation to join in at Fresh Market Friday. I have added the post to the link-up.


  11. I’ve been in that place, of feeling as if my burdens are not worthy of God’s attention. But He sees it all and knows it all and cares about each one. Thank you for expressing this so beautifully.

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  12. Oh, so beautifully written! Even though I’ve long known that the story of the woman and of the dying girl go together, I never thought about Jesus being on His way to heal the girl when He stopped and made time for the woman.

    Yes, our situations matter to the Lord, and He has time for us and cares about us. And the amazing thing is that, because He is God, He has time for everyone else, too.

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