I’ve Found Jesus!

This is day 9 of 31 Days of Songs and Stories.  For an index of all the posts in the series, click here.


One observation I had as I was putting together this series is that almost all the stories I have collected of God using songs to speak to or encourage people tell how that has happened during difficult times.  Many songs were written during challenging times for the writers, and most of the songs that we remember seem to be the ones that have sustained us through hard situations.

Today’s post is probably the exception to the rule.

This is a song I learned during my first year in youth ministry, shortly after the experience I wrote about in yesterday’s guest post.

In many ways it was one of the happiest times in my life.  I had experienced God in a new way, it was the first time I had close Christian friendships and my faith was growing in leaps and bounds.

A friend and I had started a band, along with some of the young people we were working with, and this song “I’ve found Jesus” is one of the first songs we played.

“Well, I hear they’re singing in the streets
That Jesus is alive,
And all creation shouts aloud
That Jesus is alive.
Now surely we can all be changed,
’Cause Jesus is alive,
And everybody here can know
That Jesus is alive.

And I will live for all my days
To raise a banner of truth and light,
To sing about my Savior’s love.
And the best thing that happened,
It was the day I met You.

 I’ve found Jesus.” 

Unfortunately this version doesn’t truly represent our version, which was generally faster, louder and more rhythmic.  It makes me smile, looking back, to remember us playing it in a church that was much more used to traditional hymns, and to think of the shock it must have been to the congregation to have their usual peaceful, contemplative music replaced by us thumping out rock rhythms on the piano and guitar and yelling “I’ve found Jesus” at the top of our voices.

They were very gracious and encouraging towards us, despite the fact that it probably wasn’t really their kind of music.

This song brings back many happy memories and reminds me of the joy and boldness with which we wanted to proclaim Jesus to anyone who would listen.

It also challenges me that this is a message we should be proclaiming boldly and unashamedly, that everybody needs to hear the amazing news that Jesus is alive!



6 thoughts on “I’ve Found Jesus!

    1. They were lovely, godly people and most of them were very open to change things to include younger people. You could just tell they preferred things a little more quiet and sedate. 🙂


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