I Lean Not On My Own Understanding

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Today I’m pleased to feature a guest post from a fellow Scottish blogger: Chloe Miller-Kelly.

“I lean not on my own understanding. My life is in the hands of the maker of heaven.”

These lyrics from Will Reagan’s song ‘Climb’ have been so comforting for me recently.

I left home (Scotland) in May to travel the USA and planned to finish my travels with a two year working-holiday in Canada. I had it all planned out in my head… I would find a beautiful apartment, find my dream job and eventually apply for permanent residency. The reality has been absolutely nothing like I planned but I cannot be more grateful for this experience.

I was quickly offered a job and found a short-term apartment, and the money I had left at that time would be just enough to get me to my first pay check. I felt like my plan was working out perfectly. But after only three days at this job I realised it wasn’t as great as it sounded and the long commute was leaving me absolutely no time to do anything other than work and sleep. ‘This definitely isn’t what I came to Canada for’ I kept thinking. But I had barely any money left and I only had a few weeks left in my apartment. I couldn’t just quit. Regardless of my thoughts, I felt God so clearly telling me to trust him and just take the leap. It made no logical sense in my head and I couldn’t understand how it could possibly work, but the urge to quit wouldn’t go away.

This battle in my head went on for two more weeks. Then one night I came across the Will Reagan song from one of my old favourite playlists. And it reminded me that God isn’t like us. He doesn’t think like us. He sees and knows things that we don’t. We may never understand His ways. But why would He ask me to trust him just to throw it back in my face? He had never let me down before, so why would He now? The next day I felt kind of worried about money again so I went to work. But one hour in, I decided I wasn’t doing it any longer. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t be back once the day was over. I said to God “I have no idea how this is going to work but I trust you”. And it’s been such a wonderful journey since.

A week after I quit, a friend from Scotland messaged me to say they had transferred $600 to my account. I hadn’t told them I was running low on money and this friend is one who normally struggles with money, so it was completely unexpected and a total blessing. Two days later a friend from Quebec messaged to say she was coming to Toronto at the start of September and asked if I wanted to drive back home with her and stay at her place for a few weeks. She didn’t even know I had quit my job or that I had to leave my apartment soon. How amazing??!!

So all that was left was for me to find a place to stay between August 31st (move out day) and September 4th (the day I went to Quebec). Five days before I had to move out I was looking online at hostels but they were all too expensive. I started to panic then I remembered the lyrics “I lean not on my own understanding” so I closed the pages I was looking at. Twenty minutes later another friend messaged me. Her grandmother decided to take a last minute vacation and invited me to stay in the house whilst she was gone. Starting from August 31st. Incredible or what?

I’m now back home and am so thankful for everything I’ve learned this summer. I’ve learned money isn’t everything and am realising just how little we actually need to live a good life. I’ve spent the last two weeks exploring new places in Scotland, baking, writing, doing art and having fun with friends. I now genuinely appreciate the ‘little things’ in life, the things that truly matter. And funnily enough all the best things cost no money. This never would’ve happened if I stayed at home so I know God led me to Canada for a reason. I feel so at peace knowing whatever happens next is part of His perfect plan. He is incredible!


I am a 23 year old travel blogger from Scotland. I love to travel more than anything else and hope to visit every continent before I die. Aside from travel I love baking, writing and learning about health and nutrition.  I love God and sharing my stories about the life lessons he teaches me.


You can connect with Chloe at her blog Chloe vs. World or on Instagram.


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8 thoughts on “I Lean Not On My Own Understanding

  1. Hi Lesley and Chloe! It never ceases to amaze me how generous God is with his people. You were helped at every step and turn, wow! Music is such a mood changer, and these words of trust really helped you to see where God was moving in your life. Thanks for sharing your awesome journey!

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