Unbroken Praise

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Over the years I have been involved in several camps for young people, and I’m sure it will be no surprise to hear that one of my favourite ones to be involved in is Music Camp.  We work with a group of young people for a week enjoying games and activities, doing Bible teaching and also practising music, working towards a concert at the end of the week.

A tradition at Music Camp is that each year a worship song is chosen and every night, just before bed time, everyone gathers together and sings it.  It is a beautiful way to round off the day, and from that point on the song is associated in everyone’s minds with that particular camp.

The 2015 camp is one of the biggest leadership challenges I have ever faced.  Various factors combined to make the preparation for camp incredibly complicated and stressful.  At one point there was a question over whether it could go ahead at all.

During the week of camp itself, while it went well, there were many more challenges to be faced- dealing with a huge range of conflicting desires and opinions, as well as balancing  people’s wildly different expectations.  There was also some understandable disappointment to deal with over unavoidable circumstances. It was good and it was rewarding and I’m glad I took it on- I certainly learned a lot and grew a lot- but it was also so, so difficult.

“Unbroken Praise” was the song we had chosen to sing at the end of the day and, if I’m honest, each night as we sang it there was an element of relief: we had made it through another day.  But, on a more positive note, it also helped me to refocus on why we were doing it- that it was about praising God, not just with our songs but with our lives, that it was about surrendering to him and it was for his glory, and that all credit for the fact that it had come together at all went to God and certainly not to me.

At the end of camp concert, we sang it as our final piece.  Most of the concert had been for full orchestra, but this was stripped back- just a single guitar and voices, with improvised harmonies.  It was beautiful, and as we sang it at the concert, I realised this was really the end.  We had made it through- not just another day, but through the camp.  At one point there had been doubts over whether it could go ahead at all, but the task had been completed, and all the praise went to God!

When I listen to this song now, it is one that triggers deep emotions.  It’s not all pleasant.  It reminds me of the challenges and of just how difficult things were at times, but it also reminds me of God’s faithfulness and that he is in control.  No matter what challenges we face, he can make a way, even when it seems impossible.

“So let my deeds outrun my words
And let my life outweigh my songs

Unbroken praise be Yours, God, forever
All my praise be Yours, God, forever
Lord, take this life
Let it become Your throne
Unbroken praise be Yours”


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12 thoughts on “Unbroken Praise

  1. Isn’t this what life is all about? “praising God, not just with our songs but with our lives, that it was about surrendering to him and it was for his glory, and that all credit for the fact that it had come together at all went to God and certainly not to me.” So glad you were able to learn such a valuable lesson while loving on the youth God placed in your care!

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  2. Such a precious picture of life done in praise! This resonated with me from all the years of camps with kids also. My husband and I ran a Christian retreat and conference center, and so many summers spent around the campfire with music, stories and testimonies. Such wonderful memories for our kids who thought it was their second home. You are doing a great thing and helping to leave a mighty legacy of praise Lesley! Oh, and the printable works now, so enjoy friend!

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    1. Thanks, Crystal. I’m glad you have lots of happy memories of camp too and it does seem to make a big impact on the kids. Thanks for the printable too- I really like it!


  3. Yes praising God not just in songs but with our lives. I love that song and Lesley it sounds like a wonderful camp for changing lives and memories with one song.

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