A Challenging Journey

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Today the prompt is “journey.”


When I go on a journey, I’m the sort of person who likes to plan.  I like to know which route I will take, how long the journey will be, and what I might expect to encounter along the way.

It sounds good in theory, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work out like that.

Last weekend, travelling to my parents’ house, was a journey I was sure of.  I had driven there many times and I was confident of the way…until I approached a junction where massive works were being done.

Suddenly I was forced into a different lane, crawling along in a massive queue of traffic for twenty minutes.  We were diverted far off the usual road, and at one point travelling on the opposite side of the carriageway from normal.

It was extremely disorientating.  I have no sense of direction at the best of times but when everything looks different from normal- you’re on a different road and there are people digging up the road all around you- it’s easy to lose all sense of where you are.

The most scary moment was when I finally reached the junction.  The road suddenly branched from one lane into two roads in different directions with no signs to indicate where either road led.

I genuinely had no idea which road to take.  Usually I take the middle of three options at that junction but now there were only two!  Adding that to my non-existent sense of direction is a recipe for total confusion, and yet I didn’t have time to think- there was a queue of traffic behind me.  I had to make my choice.

At first I thought the road to the right was the one I wanted but, just as I was about to commit to it, something made me change my mind and I drove down the road to the left.  There were a few anxious moments as I tried to figure out if I had chosen correctly, and great relief when I finally saw a sign that indicated I was on the right road!

Sometimes I feel about life as I did about that journey:

  • I think I know where I’m going, only to have everything change around me.
  • Something I think will be quick and easy becomes much slower and more difficult than I’d ever have imagined.
  • I feel like I’ve completely lost my way.
  • I’m confronted with a choice I have to make and I have no idea which is the best option.
  • I make a choice and have to just hope that it will turn out okay.

I’m just grateful for the promises that remind me that, no matter how difficult the journey is, I am not alone, and that, even when I am clueless, God knows the way, and promises to direct my steps.

“The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.”  (Psalm 121:8)

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.””  (Isaiah 30:21)


22 thoughts on “A Challenging Journey

  1. I loved this analogy of life, Lesley. I identify with the points you made. I’m so grateful, too, that no matter how difficult the journey is and how clueless we become, God never leaves us alone and He will direct our steps. Thank you for this encouragement. Have a blessed weekend! Hugs!

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  2. Your post today reminds me of when Chris and I were wrestling over whether or not to buy a house 8 years ago. The housing market was terrible; prices were very inflated, but it made no sense to keep renting because that inflation was driving up the price of an apartment. We could see that, long term, it was best to own, but we were so scared about whether or not we’d be able to make the payment.

    My dad went over everything with us, and at the end said, “You have to make a decision either way and trust that God is going to take care of you, even if it was the wrong decision.” That stuck with me. Sometimes we really don’t know exactly what to do but we HAVE to do something, as you said. In those moments, we have to put faith into action and believe that Jesus will catch us if (often when) we fall.

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  3. “I’m just grateful for the promises that remind me that, no matter how difficult the journey is, I am not alone, and that, even when I am clueless, God knows the way, and promises to direct my steps.” I am grateful also for these promises. Thanks for the reminder.

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  4. What a good parable, and so well-timed with the prompt word! (Who did that?? ; ) ) And you quoted one of my favorite verses, from Psalm 121. Loved this post and all the good insights in it! Glad God gave you this timing.

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    1. Hi Lux! I think that’s true. Often we feel alone but there are others going through similar things. It’s good when we can talk about it and support one another on the journey.


  5. THIS: “I’m just grateful for the promises that remind me that, no matter how difficult the journey is, I am not alone, and that, even when I am clueless, God knows the way, and promises to direct my steps.” Great post. I’m in the 8 spot this week.

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  6. Hi Lesley! Finding the right road on a good day can be a challenge, much less when there’s construction, or a road closure. Like you said, it can feel like being lost, completely lost. It feels so hard, like being on the moon.
    It’s then you see that God was and will always lead. I have a hard time with seeing that. I like to think I know the way, it’s all clear to me…which of course it rarely is.
    May God keeps his eyes on us as we move on roads we know, and especially on those we don’t.


    1. So true, Ceil- I have problems finding my way at the best of times! I also like to think I know the way and to feel in control of the journey, but often we’re not. I’m just glad God is in control and that he will lead us. Blessings to you!

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  7. That passage in Isaiah is one of my favorites! When we’re listening, He’s speaking. He’ll tell us where we should walk. And when we’re walking where He wants us to be, the travel is SO much smoother! 😀
    Glad to have you back, sweet friend!
    (#10 this week)

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    1. Thanks, Tammy! Even missing a couple of weeks of FMF reminded me how much I love this community and I was glad to get back to it.
      And yes, God is speaking- the challenge is often making space to listen!

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  8. YES!! One of my friends recently told me that being afraid of making the wrong decision and not making a decision is still making a decision. That resonated with me so deeply.

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