Craving The Good Stuff

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today the prompt is “crave”


I didn’t think it was possible to crave vegetables.  Chocolate cravings I was familiar with.  Vegetables.. well, I always liked them but I would never say I craved them… until an experience a few years ago.

I went to help at a youth training camp and the food was unbelievable: it mainly consisted of stodgy shop-bought pies and sausage rolls, tinned spaghetti hoops and chips (that’s fries to my US friends!)  One day as I was clearing up the kitchen I discovered that anything that was actually being cooked was being fried in lard, and for a whole week there was not a bit of fruit or veg to be seen!  At breakfast one morning I saw what looked like orange juice so I drank it eagerly only to find it was some kind of “orange flavoured drink” that had probably never been near a real orange!

By the end of that week I felt like I had put on about ten pounds and my insides had turned to lard!  I was desperate for something natural, something fresh.  My first move on returning home was a trip to the supermarket where I bought ten different kinds of fruit and vegetables, and I ate very little else for the next few days.

What it showed me is that my body is smart enough to know what’s good for it, and that when it has been constantly filled with rubbish, it does crave the good stuff.

I see the same spiritually.  If I have been filling my mind and heart with too much rubbish and not feasting on the good stuff- God’s Word- I do begin to crave it, and I’m glad because I need it.

We all have cravings: we crave love and acceptance, we want to feel we have a purpose, we need something to fill the emptiness inside and give us hope.  But when we look elsewhere to satisfy those cravings it is the spiritual equivalent of lard and pies.  We get momentary satisfaction, relief from hunger, but long-term, it’s not a good plan.  We need something more- to fill our souls with what they’re really craving.

Let’s turn to God today and feast on the good stuff!

“Why spend your money on food that does not give you strength?  Why pay for food that does you no good?  Listen to me, and you will eat what is good.  You will enjoy the finest food.”  Isaiah 55:2 (NLT)

16 thoughts on “Craving The Good Stuff

  1. I totally understand the feeling of craving vegetables and fruit! That happened to me on a business trip when everyone wanted steak and pasta every night and I just really wanted a salad!
    My friends and I have been talking lately about how there is a great need to feel the love of God in our community. Glad we are not the only ones.

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    1. I’m glad it’s not just me! And yes, people have such a need to know God’s love. We have to be the ones who show that to them and point them to the one who can really satisfy.


  2. Good stuff here, Lesley! I notice an ache in my heart, even a slight feeling of depression when I’ve been intentionally away from God’s word. If I have a day to myself (which rarely happens) and I want to binge watch a fave show on Netflix, it feels good at first, but after while, I start to feel…empty. I need God and His word to feel grounded and secure. Thank you for pointing out that we “need something more to fill our souls with what they’re really craving.”

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  3. Your youth camp story was very visual. I could see the food there and I could feel your craving to eat fresh. We have access to so much good that we forget how it feels to have that inaccessible.

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  4. Such an important reminder. This: “What it showed me is that my body is smart enough to know what’s good for it, and that when it has been constantly filled with rubbish, it does crave the good stuff.” I’m in the 5 spot this week.

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  5. Lesley, this story is laugh-out-loud good in getting its point across – beautifully told! And I love the way you seamlessly segue into the spiritual life lessons to be gained. Great stuff! You leave your readers replete with this balanced diet offering. Thank you. xo

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  6. I’ve volunteered for youth retreats and have felt the “no more junk” feeling. (I don’t feel it the first day.)
    In the same way, I can feed on junk spiritually. I don’t feel it the first day, but if I let myself continue to feed on soul garbage, my soul cries out for a healthy soul.
    I love your connection between body and soul.

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    1. Thanks, Cheryl. So true, it’s not so bad on the first day or even the second, but if filling ourselves with junk (physically or spiritually) is an on-going thing that’s when the cravings start for something real.

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