Mosaic Of Grace

“Grace is finding hope in the mess.”- James Prescott


Grace is a rare commodity in our society today, yet, perhaps partly because of this, it is powerful to bring transformation.

James Prescott’s book “Mosaic of Grace” explores different aspects of the topic: what grace is and how it can bring change, how God’s grace takes our brokenness and puts our lives back together to create a beautiful mosaic, and how we receive God’s grace and show that same grace to ourselves and others.

I’ve already written here about a part of the book which particularly impacted me: the description of the Japanese art of Kintsugi- broken pottery repaired with gold- which is a beautiful illustration of God’s restoring work in our lives.

I also appreciated the chapter on the church and the call for it to be a community of grace:

“Imagine a place where, no matter what we shared, unconditional love and acceptance was there, waiting.  In this safe place, the past would not be held against any person.  The community would focus on helping each of us deal with both darkness and joy.” (p76)

I found the book easy and enjoyable to read, but also thought-provoking and challenging.  The real life stories contained within the book illustrate well the vastness and transforming power of God’s grace and also present the challenge to live in the light of that grace, extending it to one another.

It caused me to reflect on my own experience of receiving grace and reminded me of the amazingness of God’s grace and the impact it can have in changing people’s lives.

I also enjoyed the bonus of discovering the inclusion in the book of a beautiful poem by a blogging friend, Joy Lenton.

You can read more about “Mosaic of Grace” and read an excerpt from the book here, and you can order on Amazon at these links: UK, US.


I received a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  I only feature books here that I can genuinely recommend and that I believe will be beneficial to my readers.

Embracing Every Day  “God-Sized



13 thoughts on “Mosaic Of Grace

  1. ‘Finding hope in the mess.’

    This can be a daily occurrence for us. There’s no better offering than hope extended … with compassion, a smile, a promise.

    Thanks, Lesley, for taking us there today.

    Hope does not disappoint.

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