Are You Ready For Battle?


I had no idea I was getting involved in something so violent.

My aim was to improve my fitness, so I had begun going to exercise classes.  At first it was mainly dance-based classes, but then I decided to take it to the next level and try Body Combat.  I knew it was based on martial arts, but I was not prepared for the graphic narrative the instructor provided as she went through the class.

“Punch, punch, punch, punch, HARDER! ”

“Under the chin and right on the nose….and kick between the legs!”

“Grab his head and slam it on the ground!”

This went on for a whole hour.  It was completely non-contact, but she encouraged everyone to imagine an enemy- maybe an ex or someone who had angered them- and to do the whole class pretending they were fighting against that person.

At first I struggled.  I’m really not a violent person.  I’m not the sort of person to hold a grudge, and even when someone has deeply hurt me I can’t imagine getting any pleasure from inflicting painful revenge.

But then I thought of an enemy….

I’m pleased to be sharing at Blessed Transgressions this week.  Join me there to read the rest of this post.  It has been posted here previously, but it was a long time ago when hardly anyone read my blog, and it is probably one of my favourite posts I have written so I’d love if you’d come and have a read.

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