A Song For You

This is Day 30 of my Write 31 Days series for 2017: 31 Days of Kintsugi.
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Today’s post is a little bit different.  I’d like to share a song with you, and so I’ve made a little video:

Apologies for the squeaking of the pedal!  I told you it wasn’t going to be perfect!

Here are the lyrics in case you had trouble with my accent:

Image smashed long ago,
The mirror cracked from side to side,
Leaving pain in my soul, fragmented hopes and dreams,
Memories of innocence defiled.
No way back: I try to fix it just to find
The glass is shattered- pieces missing, lost in time.

Is there hope?  Is there an answer,
Or is it smashed beyond repair?
Is it all meaningless, or does it have a purpose?
In all the heartache were you there?
Were you there?

No return to how it was,
But somehow as I look to you,
I see, from the heap of broken pieces at my feet,
You are making something new.
Incomplete- too soon to tell what it will be
But slowly I can feel your love rebuilding me.

There must be hope.  There must be an answer.
It can’t be smashed beyond repair.
I feel your power in me rebuilding what was broken.
A work in progress, but you’re there.
You are there.

One day it will be complete.
I’ll see your purpose and your plan.
The final piece will fall into its place,
Guided by your loving hand.
Like a phoenix, beauty rises from the dust.
One day I’ll see it; till then I’ll have to trust

But I know, there is hope, and you are the answer.
Nothing is smashed beyond repair.
There is no brokenness beyond your restoration.
For in this fallen world, you’re there.
You are there.

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38 thoughts on “A Song For You

  1. Lesley,
    Beautiful! Thank you SO much for sharing this song from your heart. It is good to see your pretty face and be able to put a living, breathing, singing face to a name. Praise that with God, nothing is broken beyond repair. He is the God of making all things new and bringing beauty from our ashes. Thanks for sharing this in your almost 31 days of writing. I applaud you for your theme and diligence in keeping to the task.
    Bev xx

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    1. Thanks so much, Bev! Yes, God’s power to restore is amazing. I have really enjoyed writing this series and exploring this theme. Thanks for joining in!


  2. I enjoyed hearing your words and music. The word smashed has such a definitive one syllable sound. It within itself feels like a dead end but then on both sides of the word smash are the words nothing beyond repair which seems to me to redeem the finality of the sound. Hope the musings of word sounds makes sense. Thank-you for being visible and open with your music and writing.

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  3. Lesley, I’m so glad you shared this song. It shows your beautiful heart and the words show the Kintsugi in your life. And I loved seeing you. It is a gift to get to know you through this #write31days series.

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  4. This is so beautiful, Lesley. Both the music and the words. It brings tears to my eyes, because it’s like you’re speaking my heart. Thank you! God has brought us such a long way, hasn’t He? And one day His work will be complete in us! Love and hugs!

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    1. Thanks, Trudy! I’m so glad you liked it. It is encouraging to look back and see how far God has brought us, and also to remember that his work continues and will be complete one day. Love and hugs to you!

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  5. Lesley, this song and your voice are so beautiful. And the lyrics, they’re powerful truth. It’s so true that there is no going back to the before, when there has been a shattering, but such hope in the all things new. He is making His masterpiece.

    My favorite bit is the end:
    “you’re there.
    You are there.”
    For me that changes everything. It’s knowing He is with us and in us and for us. That He’s never ever going to leave us. That He’s going to complete what He started.

    Thank you for this beautiful encouragement. Thank you for sharing from your heart to bless us all here.

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  6. Beautiful song, Lesley! As a fellow songwriter and someone who has felt “smashed beyond repair,” your song truly touched my soul. Thank you for being brave enough to share your heart and for sharing God’s message of HOPE, GRACE, and FORGIVENESS with the world. God bless!

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  7. Dear Lesley,
    Thank you so much for sharing your heart in this song! I am so glad to hear your music again, because you touch something so deeply in me through your singing (remember I love to listen to Anna’s song that you set to music also.) I hope that the Lord will continue to use you to share His message through you. “I feel your power in me rebuilding what was broken,” such a precious truth of what Jesus is doing in our lives.

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  8. Oh my goodness! I can not say it more that this song is so beautiful…so meaningful…full of hope and inspiration for all believers in Christ. I read it before I listened to it so I knew how profound and powerful the words were before lyrics were ever put to it. What a blessing it will be to the kindgom! Your neighbor over at Holley!

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  9. The pedal on my keyboard squeaks, too, because it’s so old. But how pretty your voice is. I know how much courage it takes to post your song online. Wonderful lyrics, btw. Maybe I’ll get bold enough to do so one day. It’s great to see the real Lesley. I hope you’ll add your photo to your site. 🙂

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  10. It’s so sweet to see you and to hear you. I love your song– squeaky pedal and all. It put a nice bow on what God showed me last weekend. He is definitely there! His completed work on the cross is the answer to the brokenness that ails our souls. Nothing is the same, but the beauty that comes from the rebuilding is amazing! I have enjoyed reading your series very much!

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