Choosing Our Focus In Challenging Times


Have you ever faced a time when, despite your best efforts, the outcome has been bad?  When you’ve done everything right but, somehow, it’s all gone wrong?  When others seem to be getting ahead or, even worse, taking advantage of your unfortunate circumstances, and life just feels unfair?

How do you respond in moments like these?

Join me as I reflect on this over at Marie Gregg’s, where I’m delighted to be sharing as part of her Wednesday Writers series!

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6 thoughts on “Choosing Our Focus In Challenging Times

  1. I love this insightful post, Lesley. It can be so hard sometimes to pry our eyes away from our circumstances, but it truly is so important where we place our focus. With you, my heart’s desire is to “focus on the Gospel, on God’s sovereignty, and on where he is at work, even in our less-than-ideal circumstances.” I love the song and the quote, too! Love and hugs to you!

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    1. Thanks, Trudy! I agree, it can be really hard at times to get our focus off our circumstances and on to God, but it makes a big difference when we manage it! Love and hugs to you too!

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  2. I feel bad, imaptient and I question myself where I lack. I talk to myself and see where I can improve and I’d be honest I hate feeling bad that I am shifting from my focus looking at someone else or how I am being treated. I give myself sometime and try getting back on my tracks for real.


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