Surrender Once Again

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt.  The prompt today is “surrender.”


What a difference two years makes!

When God led me to the word “surrender” as my word for the year in 2016, it was not a word I wanted.  I was scared about what he would ask me to do, terrified that saying yes to the word “surrender” would force me into all kinds of places I didn’t want to go, anxious about giving up control and what that would mean.

Now seeing that the prompt word today is “surrender,” it feels like reunion with an old friend.  Despite my anxieties, it’s a word I came to love.  It wasn’t always an easy journey, but it was a year of significant growth, and I look back in gratitude.

Of course there are also some things that haven’t changed over the two years!

Surrender isn’t a one-time thing, or even something you can perfect in a year.  It’s an ongoing process of submitting to God and releasing control, and, the truth is it never gets easy.

This week I’ve been challenged about another area of surrender, and once again I’m reluctant.  It means letting go of control once again, and the uncertainty over the outcome scares me.

Twice this week God has drawn me to the Parable of the Talents.  Three men are given money by their master, and are charged with looking after it and investing it while he is away.  Two of the men invest their money wisely and double what they have, but the third is afraid of losing the money so he buries it to keep it safe.  When the master returns, he praises the first two servants but is angry with the third.

I’m challenged that to double their money, the first two men had to take a risk.  They had to surrender what they had and, while it worked out well, there was a real possibility that they could have lost money.  The third man was afraid of letting go of what he had, choosing the certainty of keeping the original money safe over the unpredictability of investment.

God doesn’t want us to play it safe.  He wants us to use what we’ve been given, to take the risk, and to step out in faith.

It seems that the answer, once again, is surrender.

30 thoughts on “Surrender Once Again

  1. Beautiful post! It’s so true that lessons aren’t a one-time deal. There are some things we learn over and over. I love that the prompt for today was a reunion of awareness. God leads in such a gentle way.

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  2. That’s such a good connection! I had never really thought about how those who pleased the master were those who let go of what they had been given in order to take the risk to invest it in others and receive double the amount they had before… A good thought for today – even with writing, there is a letting go of our words onto the page and risk in allowing others to read it. Thanks for your insightful post!

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    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! I agree, writing is an act of surrender and risk. We never know how our words will be received, but it’s so encouraging when God uses them to bless someone.


  3. I wish there was a surrender switch that I could turn on. The switch would turn on a “Let’s see what happens/ wee this could be fun” attitude. I seem to go through the knot hole with the same attitude each time. SCARED.

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  4. This is so good! I tend to surrender like I’m flying a kite. I let it go but eventually try and reel it back in to where I “think” I have control. Taking risks doesn’t come easy for me but you are so right that risk is exactly what it takes to be all God wants us to be. It may take a lifetime but I hope I’m moving in the right direction a little more “string” at a time. Joining you at #fmf, Cindy #53

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  5. This is wonderful, Lesley, and it’s so interesting that you are revisiting this word with more positive feelings. I appreciate what you’ve written here.

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  6. “God doesn’t want us to play it safe. He wants us to use what we’ve been given, to take the risk, and to step out in faith.”

    I’m going to be pondering this one for awhile. What does it look like for me to step out in faith today? To go where God leads instead of staying in the comfort zone that I’ve defined? Hmmmm. Thanks, Lesley.

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  7. This is so good, Lesley! You have written such a wonderful, uplifting, encouraging and wise post in just 5 minutes. I’m challenged by these words: “God doesn’t want us to play it safe. He wants us to use what we’ve been given, to take the risk, and to step out in faith.” They’re just what I needed to hear at a time when my body is weaker than usual and courage is low. Thank you! xo 💜

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  8. Oh Lesley, I love how you put it, that finding this word was like reuniting with an old friend! That speaks volumes on how your Word for the year has sunk deep into your heart and become part of the air you breathe, has impacted you greatly.

    I’m touched …

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  9. “God doesn’t want us to play it safe.” There is comfort in playing it safe but think of all the opportunities and blessings we would miss. Thank you for your words.

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  10. Surrender was my one word last year and I wholeheartedly agree with you. It’s a bit scary, but also a bit comforting to know that God is so much more capable to take care of our surrenders than we are.

    You know God asked my family to give up what I (and we all) thought was so much, but the reward of that surrender has been so phenomenal! …we’ve been blessed so much more! There are a couple of the surrenders that still aren’t worked out, I’m seeing Him working it out but the end result hasn’t been made clear yet. I’m in a place right now where it’s actually kind of exciting to see how he’s gonna resolve these things.

    I love this: God doesn’t want us to play it safe. He wants us to use what we’ve been given, to take the risk, and to step out in faith.

    Scary indeed and yet there’s where we grow in faith! Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks, Christy! I know the surrender has been hard for you and your family. I’m glad you’re beginning to see good results from it, and I love your faith that God is at work even where you can’t see it right now. Hope you have a great week too!


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