Planning For A Lack Of Routine

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on  one-word prompt.  The prompt this week is “routine.”


In some ways there’s not much that is routine about my life.  When people try to make arrangements and ask, “What’s a good day for you?” or “What do you do on Friday afternoons?” the answer’s always the same: “It depends what week.”

Occasionally it makes life difficult, but mostly I love the variety.  I appreciate the flexibility of working in a job with varied hours, and I enjoy the fact that no two weeks look exactly the same.

I have discovered the importance though of creating routine within that- making sure the things that matter get included.  Otherwise it’s far too easy for them to be overlooked.

In many ways a lack of routine takes more planning because fitting the important things in doesn’t look exactly the same from week to week.

It means taking time- usually on a Sunday afternoon (unless that week works differently!) to plan for the week ahead- thinking about things like healthy eating, exercise, housework, and tasks that need to be done and figuring out how to fit them in.

Without that planning, my life would be a mess and nothing would ever get done!

As much as possible I try to stick to the routine of spending time with God first thing in the morning, but sometimes with a succession of early starts that’s not the best time either and another time has to be found.

One routine I’ve enjoyed for two and a half years now is taking part in Five Minute Friday.  It doesn’t always happen at the same time each Friday, and occasionally it doesn’t happen at all, but mostly this is part of my weekly routine.  I love connecting with this community and it motivates me to write when I wouldn’t make the time otherwise.

If you haven’t checked it out before, click on the logo below to read some other great posts or to link up and join us!




18 thoughts on “Planning For A Lack Of Routine

    1. Thanks for visiting and I’m glad you’ve joined in at FMF! It is a great routine to get into, but time with God is the most important of all. Look forward to reading your post!


  1. I’m thankful for the routine of FMF too. I also love that my job is not the same every day. Hours maybe the same, but what I’m working on is always different. I’m in the 45 spot this week.

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