I Don’t Want To Settle!

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt.  The prompt today is “settle.”

tightropePhoto by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Lately I’ve been having the driving dream again.

It’s a recurring dream that I’ve been having for years now.  For a few weeks I’ll have it most nights; then it will suddenly stop and I won’t have it at all for months, but eventually it always comes back.

The exact content of the dream varies, but it always begins with me driving.  Then something unexpected happens- the road disappears, or the car spins out of control, or I can’t see where I’m going.  Lately it has mostly been that I’m driving at night and the lights suddenly fail.

Even though I’ve had this dream many, many times, it always feels so real, as if it’s actually happening, until I start to panic and wake up to discover that it’s only a dream.

Apparently one meaning for the dream could be that I am struggling to see clearly the way ahead in life.  There’s probably some truth in that but, as I consider it, I’m torn.

Right now I’m in a good place.  Life is settled with family, friends, home, church, music…

It’s good, and I could happily stay right where I am, but I don’t want to settle.  I don’t want to become complacent and settle for less than God’s best.  I don’t want to cling to the comfortable life I’ve built around me if God is calling me to something new.  I want to be willing to step out where God is calling.

I think of Terah, Abraham’s father, who set out for the Promised Land, but who never made it:

“He was headed for the land of Canaan, but they stopped at Haran and settled there.  Terah lived for 205 years, and died while still in Haran.”  (Genesis 11:31-32 NLT)

That’s a lot of settling and I don’t want to do the same.  I don’t want to stop short of God’s calling and, if that means a bit of uncertainty about the path ahead, I want to be willing to embrace it.

(I was going to include a Christian song like “Oceans” here, but I think this one from The Greatest Showman makes the point just as well!)

Crystal Twaddell

21 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Settle!

  1. I find the older I get the more I want to settle in to my life. But everything around me is changing. My grandchildren are growing visably, friends are leaving for safer pastures, and my body is feeling different. So if nothing is static I don’t think I should believe that things will settle. The tightrope is unsettling for sure but as the song says, the view is amazing. I so appreciate your life reflections.

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  2. Great post, Lesley! And the perfect video.

    I’m sort of in the place of, Let This Cup Pass. Pain and other things that make you scream and beat your head against a wall will do that, I ken.

    But God has other plans, for I am alive and remain.

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  3. I love that you included a song from The Greatest Showman. My first thought after reading the word prompt was to write about actress Keala Settle who plays the bearded lady in that movie. I want to follow God’s call for me too.

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    1. Thanks, Tara! The Greatest Showman has been going round in my head for about 2 months now- it was bound to make it into a post eventually! I love that that is the first thing that came to your mind- that would have been a different take on the prompt!


  4. Your dream is interesting Lesley!
    Many dreams are about our subconscious trying to make sense of the anxieties we experience in our days. Especially in feeling a lack of control or the illusion of even having control of our lives. Because having control in lives is but an illusion! The only control we have is over our own actions & reactions…nothing else. As Life can hit us from left field in a moment. And often does!

    God is the only One who has ultimate control. Praise Him!
    You’re most welcome to drop by for a cup of inspiration.
    Blessings for Easter,

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    1. So true! We like to think we are in control, but really we are in control of very little! It is reassuring though when we can manage to let go and release control to God. Hope you had a lovely Easter and I’m sorry to take so long to reply to your comment!

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  5. Dreams are interesting and often confusing yet so often our Father has a message for us in them. I understand totally about not wanting to settle in a place where it is not the best that God has. I like the example you used from scripture.

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    1. Yes, dreams can be fascinating, though working out what they mean can be a challenge! Sorry to take so long to reply to your comment! Hope you had a lovely Easter!


  6. Leslie, I so tend to cling to my comfortable! Recently I’ve been a part of a Prayer Group praying for our church to become alive and vibrant again. In the last months God is most certainly working and it is scary…..and exciting! I too, want to be open to God’s best, not just settling for my comfortable! Great post! Happy Easter, Cindy

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    1. It can definitely be tempting to cling to comfort at times, I’m glad you can see where God is working as you pray for your church and that you’re open to what he is doing. Hope you had a great Easter! Sorry to take so long to reply.


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