A Place To Land

A Place to Land - Cover

Where is home?

It’s a question that seems simple on the face of it, but the reality is often more complex.  Is it the place where we were brought up?  The place where our family live?  The place we live now?

Circumstances can complicate it even further, particularly if we’ve moved around a lot or faced a lot of upheaval in our home situation.  It can leave us unsettled, and uncertain about where our home really is.

This is the topic Kate Motaung tackles in her new memoir “A Place To Land: A Story Of Longing And Belonging.”

Kate is one of the first people I connected with when I started blogging.  She is the leader of the Five Minute Friday community, which has been so influential in my writing life so far, and it was a book study on Kate’s blog which helped me to get started with writing and establish the pattern of writing regularly.  Having heard a lot about this book, I had been eagerly awaiting it, and it was a pleasure to be able to be part of the launch team.

In the book, Kate shares the story of her journey through several of life’s changes including her parents’ divorce when she was a child, her move from the US to South Africa, marriage, motherhood, and her mother’s battle with cancer.

As she does so, she explores the concept of home and the question of where we find our security in life.

Ultimately she points to the hope we have as Christians of an eternal home in heaven:

“Finally, I understood.  This whole life is a rental.  This whole body of mine is a borrowed house.  And sometimes it’s a good thing to be discontent with where we are, because this is not it.  It’s a good thing to feel like we’re not at home and to long for another, for permanence, for stability, because we’re not home yet.  Having been washed by the astounding grace of the cross, praise God, my citizenship is in heaven.  (Phil 3:20)”

A Place to Land_1

I appreciated the honesty with which Kate tells her story in this book, and I think, whether or not we have experienced similar circumstances, we can all relate to the longing for home and the search for a place to belong, which Kate writes of.  Her story is full of fascinating insights about South African culture and her descriptions are so vivid that at times I felt I was on the journey along with her.

Although many of the topics are heavy (and I would recommend having a box of tissues close at hand!) the book is also uplifting and full of hope.

I’d highly recommend you check out this book!

You can find out more and sign up to read chapter 1 for free here, and you can order at Amazon on these links: UK, US.  (At the time of writing the Kindle version was available on Amazon UK for just £2.82 which is a great bargain!)

Kate is also running a giveaway which is open to anyone who buys the book by Saturday 7th April.  There are some great prizes on offer!  Find out more here.

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I’m grateful to Kate Motaung and Discovery House for access to a complementary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  I only share books here that I believe will be genuinely beneficial to my readers.
Amazon links are not affiliate links, but simply provided for your convenience.

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21 thoughts on “A Place To Land

  1. Home is indeed a promise. As someone who has moved to different countries I can attest to this statement .

    It helps me remember that a promise awaits in Heaven where I will be home with the Lord .

    Your neighbor at God sized dreams

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  2. This sounds so good! “This whole life is a rental. This whole body of mine is a borrowed house.” And especially when my body is in pain, I am so grateful for this truth. 🙂 Thanks for sharing about Kate’s book.

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  3. You probably know from my blog that home is a continual theme with me. Moving too much in my childhood, parents divorce…sounding similar to Kate 😉 I think I’ve resisted picking up her book because of those very tender places still in me. Thanks for bringing more of it to light. One day, one day I’ll brave it.

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  4. I am super excited to read this book! It has taken me a long time to come to a Place of understanding that being slightly discontent here is how we should be. Thank you for the review- this is now on my “to read” list.

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  5. I wonder if the longing for “home” is second only to our desperate need for a Savior. Thanks for the intro to Kate’s book.


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