Access All Areas!


When I was fifteen, I was excited to be invited, along with my school band, to play in a special concert.  Until then, all our performances had been in our school auditorium, but now we were getting the chance to play in a proper concert hall!

Upon our arrival at the venue, we were presented with security passes to wear for the day.  Just having the passes made us feel important, but what was even more exciting was the phrase printed on them: “Performer: Access All Areas.”

We had permission to access all areas, and we certainly did!

Our breaks were spent exploring every inch of the concert hall, both front-of-house and backstage, making the most of an opportunity that was unlikely to be repeated. There was something wonderful about the sense of freedom that came from knowing we could go anywhere, and the confidence those passes gave us.

When it came to the Tabernacle for the Old Testament Hebrews however, there were no “access all area” passes.  Instead there were very strict rules about who was allowed access where and when, and even how…

I’d love it if you’d join me at Gracefully Truthful to read more as well as checking out the other posts about the Tabernacle and what it teaches us about God.


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