This Summer So Far…



I hope your summer has been good so far!

Mine has- I’ve finally discovered what this summer thing that I’ve heard so much about really is! 🙂

It’s a running joke in Scotland that if we get about three warm and sunny days in a row, that is our summer, but so far we’ve had almost a month and it is still going strong!

I’ve become used to going without a jacket (usually a rare occurrence here) and putting on factor 50 sun cream before venturing outdoors to make the most of the sunshine while it lasts.

The main reason I’ve been so quiet here over the last few weeks though is because I’ve been busy working.  I’ve been away two weeks out of the last three, but it isn’t so bad when you get to spend time in beautiful places like this!


I have also been busy with a different kind of writing project: producing a resource for Christian groups in primary schools.  (These are groups at lunch time or after school which pupils can opt into with parental permission.)

It is a two year project aiming to provide children with an overview of the story of the Bible, and the first term’s material is due to be released in August!

It is something that I have wanted to do for years (and I actually began work on it even before I started blogging or got into writing properly) and the whole process of getting it together has been so interesting- sharing my vision and trying to get others on board, writing the resource, sharing it with others for feedback, meeting with them to get them to contribute some additional ideas, self-editing, then working with an editor, communicating with someone who has helped with the design and provided a template to make it look pretty, realising that I need to take the initiative in promoting it and figuring out how to do that… I have learned so much, and gained experience that I’m sure will be extremely helpful for the future.

(I’m also conscious that all the work so far has only been a sixth of the project and that a huge amount of work still lies ahead!)

Another exciting writing opportunity has also come up- the chance to write occasional blog posts for Journey to Heal Ministries, which aims to support women who have experienced sexual trauma, and point them to hope in Christ.  I am looking forward to getting started with this soon but in the meantime do check out their website if this is something that has affected you or someone close to you.  There are lots of fantastic resources available.

It has certainly been a busy summer so far and, after an incredibly full-on two and a half months I am looking forward to a much-needed break this week and the chance to catch up on some of your blogs.  Hopefully I will be back to posting more regularly here soon.

I’ll leave you with one of my highlights from the last few weeks, a situation where I saw God at work in a totally unexpected way:

One of the work events I was involved in was a training week for senior pupils who are going to be involved in leading at camps and events for children during the summer and, in the group I was working with, there was a Hungarian boy who had come over to Scotland for the summer to take part in this.

At the start of the week he struggled a bit with the language, mainly because of our accents and because we speak so fast, and he was finding the whole thing pretty hard.

Later in the week, a man came to visit the event, to find out more about it in order to recommend it to young people he knows who might be interested next year, and in the course of the day, it came out that our visitor spoke Hungarian!

I have never seen anyone look as happy as the Hungarian boy did when he discovered there was someone he could speak with in his own language.  It was a beautiful moment, and very significant for him.  He spent the next few days telling anyone who would listen, “Jesus sent him to me,” and I had to agree.  I literally don’t know of even one other person in Scotland who speaks Hungarian so for these two to connect at just the right time is far too strange to have been a coincidence!

What about you?  How has your summer been so far?

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26 thoughts on “This Summer So Far…

  1. Lesley, it sounds like your summer has been fruitful! I’m so excited to hear about the writing opportunities God is opening up for you. He has gifted you in amazing ways, and to see how He’s bringing the gift of ministry to you is beautiful.

    Our summer has been busy. We traveled in June to visit family in Washington DC. One of my boys went out of state for a band camp. The other boy has strength training sessions four mornings a week. Oh, and I finally finished the rough draft of my book. And now the real work begins. 😉 God keeps reminding me that He is faithful and He is with me during the busyness and the uncertainties of this summer. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Jeanne! It sounds like you’ve had a busy time, but well done on finishing the first draft of your book! I know there will still be a lot of work ahead but that’s a great achievement to have completed a draft. I’m glad God has been reminding you of his faithfulness too!

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  2. My summer has been wonderful so far. Thank you for asking! Lots of fun with family, picnics, running, and warm sunny days. I loved seeing your pics. Scotland is at the top of my “places that I want to visit” list.

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  3. How exciting that your writing gift is being spread around in so many wonderful ways, Lesley! I pray you’ll continue to find time to write. You bless many with the love of God through your words. The photos are beautiful too. Soak it all in!

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  4. My summer has been super busy with family and driving :). But I’m loving it! In Alaska (where I’m spending most of the summer) they joke about having two seasons–winter and road construction ;).

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  5. You have many exciting things happening in your life right now. Since I love summer, I’m thrilled you have had a chance to enjoy a taste of it. You might not like it where I live because it gets very hot and humid.

    I’m cheering you on as you finish up your curriculum work for primary kids. I pray you are able to finish well and everything falls into place. Thank you for blessing #TellHisStory with your own words and encouragement.

    Liked by 1 person

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