It’s Not Fair!

not fair

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“It’s not fair!”

Anyone who has been around children for any length of time is probably very familiar with that phrase.  There is little more certain to frustrate a child than perceived injustice, whether it is because someone else receives a slice of cake slightly bigger than theirs or gets to spend a few minutes longer than they do on a favourite activity, or simply because they have the sense that someone else is being favoured.

As we grow up, we probably become less concerned about such meticulousness fairness in small matter, but the sense of justice, and the desire to see people treated fairly, remain.

Continue reading at Gracefully Truthful, where I’m looking at one of Jesus’ parables from Matthew 20.  A group of workers labour in a vineyard all day only to find, at the end of the day, that others who worked for only an hour are paid the same amount!

Is Jesus really likening God to an unfair vineyard owner?

Join me at Gracefully Truthful to explore this story some more.

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10 thoughts on “It’s Not Fair!

  1. Good morning, Lesley. I read all of your words. How wonderful you are sharing with many different blogs! I fully appreciate you steering us to the hard truth that if life were fair, we would be punished. Grace helps us rise above fair. I need to remember this in dealing with sibling rivalry among our two boys. Thank you for this informative and faith-lifting post, dear friend.

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