Love That Lasts


As the children got off the bus there was a buzz of animated chatter.

Just arriving for a week at camp, they were full of excitement and eager to get started.

Well, most of them were…

At the back of the line were two brothers, fear and apprehension written all over their faces.  Their response to the leaders’ friendly greetings was monosyllabic, their manner hesitant and uncertain.  It was all new to them and they had no idea what to expect.

Fast forward a week, and children were piling back onto the bus to return home.  Again, the two brothers hung back, but this time their behaviour wasn’t motivated by fear and anxiety, but by reluctance to leave a place of happiness and a desire to say individual goodbyes to each leader. There were hugs, tears, and smiles, as we stood amazed at the radical transformation in such a short space of time.

I’m convinced the reason was love.

I’d love it if you’d join me at Gracefully Truthful today to read the rest of the story and look at what 1 Peter has to say about loving like Jesus, and the impact it can have.
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10 thoughts on “Love That Lasts

  1. Leslie, this is the line I will be thinking on today as I prepare for this week … “Paul describes a patient, forgiving, enduring love that allows us to live in harmony even when it’s challenging.” So often we think love should come easily and overlook that it can also be a challenge. May we rise to the challenge and love as He did! Blessings!

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    1. So true, Joanne! I think we like the idea of love being easy but often it’s really difficult! It’s reassuring that love is a fruit of the Spirit and it’s not all down to our efforts.


  2. I’m so grateful you camp leaders are such a blessing to children like that, Lesley. Thank you for this needful encouragement to love like Jesus. That “committed, selfless, sacrificial love Jesus displayed in His life, death, and resurrection.” Love and hugs to you!

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