Impossible To Measure

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt.  The prompt today is “measure.”


How do you measure success?

Many people would measure it in wealth or achievement or happiness.  It’s reaching targets, or winning awards, or acquiring possessions or just reaching a point where you feel good about life.

Even as Christians, we can become fixated on how we measure up: how much time we’re devoting to prayer or Bible study, how much impact we’re seeing in our ministry, how we’re seeing God working through us…

But the more I think about it, the more I see that the things that matter are almost impossible to measure.  Who really knows the impact we’re having?

I see it all the time in working with young people.  At times you feel that your efforts are pointless, that nothing you say is making a difference, that no-one is even listening, but then there are those moments when you suddenly see signs of growth and understand that God was working all along.

I see it in writing.  I try not to measure success in terms of page views or the number of comments but there are times when I write a post that I feel has value, that I hope will encourage others, and it seems like my words drift off into cyberspace completely unnoticed.  But then a message comes from someone saying they have read my blog for months and it has encouraged them but they’ve never commented until now!  I know that I would rather impact one person in a meaningful way than have hundreds read my posts and instantly forget them, but it’s impossible to measure!

All we can do is keep being faithful – keep showing up, keep trusting God, give it our best effort and leave the results to him – because we can’t measure how he is using us.

The true measure of success will come on the day when we stand before God and hope to hear these words:

“Well done, my good and faithful servant.”  (Matthew 25:21 NLT)


20 thoughts on “Impossible To Measure

  1. Spot on, Lesley. I feel exactly the same – someone, somewhere in the world might see something I’ve posted and find it helpful. Once, a Salvation Army officer emailed me to say that a new Christian had found my Acrostic Bible very helpful because he was overwhelmed by the reality of getting to grips with the Old and New Testaments. Perhaps I helped one person. If so, much better than 100 ‘likes’ on Twitter.

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    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, those moments when we realise something we’ve written has helped someone else makes all the time and effort worthwhile!


  2. We are in sync with today’s post. I’m right next to you in the link up and also wrote on measuring success. I love your take on it and agree whole heartedly!

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  3. When I was writing this morning the idea of measuring with the amount of time we spend on something did not occur to me. Thank you for bringing this idea to the forefront of my brain.

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  4. So true that we try to measure things to determine what value they have (or what value we have). But the most important things are not ours to measure. Thank you for the reminder. FMF12

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  5. The cows got in the cannabis field;
    couldn’t stop ’em, though I did try.
    Then they ate up all my yield
    and thus, the stakes were high.
    Failure’s not an option, they say
    and how might we react
    knowing it’s bundled in what we pay
    for every Microsoft product.
    The dreadful pun and corny joke
    are my stock-in-trade
    for the smiles they may evoke
    on cancer’s piercing blade.
    The best meicine was always laughter;
    here, and in God’s hereafter.

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  6. The Bible tells us not to tire of doing good for a reason! It can get so discouraging can’t it? But then our amazing God will show us a glimmer of what He’s accomplishing through us! Thank you for reminding us to keep on keepin on and to not worry about measuring up!

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  7. I love it when the Lord sends a validation that what I write or post encourages someone. I post a quote everyday and here while back this young college man whose mother goes to our church found me after church. He said, I just want to thank you for posting everyday, I look forward to starting my day with whatever you post. He went on to say, I never comment because I always on the run, he is in medical. Made my day, actually I am still glowing from the memory of it. Lovely post.

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  8. This was much-needed encouragement, Lesley. It has been a while since I had a chance to drop by, and I am so thankful the Lord led me to do that tonight. I hope you are doing well. Many blessings to you!

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