True Authority


What a day!  I’ve faced some difficult decisions in my time as Roman Governor, but nothing like this! I’m sure the trial of Jesus is one I will never forget.

It was early in the morning when they brought him to me, saying he was leading people astray by telling them not to pay taxes, and that he was claiming to be the Messiah.  It seemed clear to me that the man had committed no serious crime, so when I discovered he was a Galilean, it made sense to let Herod deal with it.

I thought my part in it was over.

If only it had been that simple…

Before long he was back.

Herod agreed Jesus was innocent, but his enemies were insistent he was a trouble-maker.  They accused him of stirring up riots and rebellion.

It confused me.

He didn’t seem the type at all.  He wasn’t angry or argumentative and, unlike most prisoners who desperately try to defend themselves, he hardly spoke a word.  The whole time he displayed a calm, quiet…authority… which was remarkable given the circumstances.

It was disconcerting.

It was as if he was the one in control…

Join me at Gracefully Truthful to continue reading Pilate’s story, and to join in with the current series looking at the Cross from the perspectives of different characters.

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19 thoughts on “True Authority

    1. I agree 100% Michele! I have honestly (and embarrassingly) never once thought of him as a person. But he was. And God loved him even in his imperfect humanity.


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  1. Enjoyed this sketch of Pilate. Indeed he was aware of Jesus’ innocence–it is frightening what mob opinion is able to accomplish (but only under God’s sovereign control).

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    1. Thanks, Carol! Yes, it is frightening to think how easily we can be swayed from what we know to be right, but encouraging that God’s plan still prevails!


  2. The older I get the more I realize how these people in the Bible were real people, and start identifying with their troubles, issues and understand how a lot of things happened.

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  3. It is always interesting to try to step into the shoes of another. This post adds depth to the struggle Pilate may have felt. We all will face choices in this life. May we pray for strength to choose well. Blessings!

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    1. Thanks, Laurie! It’s part of a series at Gracefully Truthful considering the crucifixion from the perspective of different characters. I love the idea and I really enjoyed writing the Pilate one and thinking about his story some more.

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  4. Lesley, you brought Pilate’s struggle to life for me. I’ve often pondered how he must have felt to be in that place of authority at that time in history . . .

    To be such a man of the world, and yet to possibly feel angst of the outcome of Jesus’ trial . . . I can’t say how many times I’ve regretted choosing to please people rather than stand firm in what God shared with me. I’m thankful for God’s grace and forgiveness when I choose wrongly. And I’m ever grateful for the redemption He’s given us!

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