Tell His Story!


One of my favourite parts of blogging is the opportunity it provides for connections with so many wonderful people from all over the world.

I don’t remember when I first connected with Mary Geisen, but it was through a link-up at some point not long after I began blogging.

I have loved reading her words over the last few years, and today I am honoured to be guest posting on her blog as part of the #TellHisStory link-up.

I’d love if you’d come and join us there as I share about “The Adventure Of Saying Yes”.  It was fun to look back over the last few years and reflect on how God took a single word and used it to bring transformation, and you’ll meet some other amazing bloggers too!

Click here to read the post.

The Adventure Of Saying Yes

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4 thoughts on “Tell His Story!

  1. Lesley, I left a comment at Mary’s site too, but just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed reading this! I’m excited to see how your children’s curriculum has grown … what a blessing!

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  2. My word for this year has been surrender. Wow, it is a tough one but God has been stretching me with it. Your post has so much wisdom – and encouragement! – and has been really helpful for me. Even some of our circumstances (the ones requiring surrender) are similar. Thanks so much for sharing! Your blog is always a blessing to me. (Now, I want to read today’s post!!) 🙂

    Happy Easter!

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    1. Surrender is such a tough word, but definitely worthwhile. I’ll be excited to see where it takes you as you surrender to him. I’m glad my post encouraged you. Happy Easter!


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