The Next Surrender

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt.  The prompt today is “next.”

This week I had the privilege of sharing a guest post as part of the #TellHisStory link-up.  If you haven’t read it already, you can find it by clicking here.  In the post I shared the story of my journey of surrender over the last few years – of the adventure of saying “yes” to God and stepping out into the unknown, and the unexpected blessings that came as a result.

I’ve bee struck more and more over the last few months though by the fact that this isn’t the end of the story, and this isn’t the end of the surrender, and it leads me to ask the question of God: “What’s next?”

And slowly and gradually, an answer is emerging.  The details aren’t clear, but I feel I have a sense of the general direction.  It both excites me and terrifies me, which, in my experience, is often how God works.

I’m excited by the prospect of what God could do, of finally having a sense of direction over something that has been building in me for a while, and feeling that the time is right to step out.

I’m terrified because I still don’t know exactly what that looks like or where the road ahead will lead me.

But if I’ve learned one thing over the last few years, it is to take one step at a time and trust God to lead.

Focus on the next step and trust God to direct the journey.


I’m sorry this is a bit of a mysterious post for now, but I’m sure I will be sharing more soon.

I’m also encouraged this Easter weekend to remember that my surrender is not the one that really matters.  I want to allow God to use me to help fulfil his purposes, but I am not called to save the world.  He has already provided for that, and anything we can do for him is simply an outworking of the greatest surrender of all.


Finally, in Kate’s FMF post, she mentioned the book The Next Right Thing by Emily Freeman. I haven’t read it yet either, but I have heard lots of good things about it and I’m looking forward to getting into it over the next few weeks.

One of my blogging friends, Linda, is running an online book club going through the book beginning on Sunday 28th April.  If anyone is interested in reading and discussing with us, you’d be very welcome.  You can find the details here.

Hope you have a happy and hope-filled Easter!



27 thoughts on “The Next Surrender

    1. Hi Becky. You don’t have to do anything to sign up – just go to Linda’s blog ( after she posts on Sunday 28th and join in the conversation in the comments. There are always good discussions. If you want to subscribe to her blog to make sure you get all the posts, click on the link I put in my post and scroll down to the bottom and you’ll find a button to subscribe.


  1. “It both excites me and terrifies me, which, in my experience, is often how God works.” You’re in good company. This is how the women are described as they leave the tomb in Matthew 28 (with fear and great joy). Blessings to you in what comes next. FMF13

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  2. This is exciting, Lesley – whatever it involves! It can be scary to wonder what’s next, but also there is a sense of adventure and freedom as well. I was also struck by your comment that our surrender is not the one that really counts — that we are not the ones called to save the world. Again, a freeing thought.

    Jeannie (#14 in the linkup this week)

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    1. Thanks, Jeannie! Yes, I think adventure always involves a combination of fear and excitement. It is encouraging to remember that it doesn’t depend on us but on God.


  3. For some reason the site stopped working when I first tried to comment…

    Anyway, praying for your new road, Lesley!

    I guess it’s kind of an adventure,
    chased down by cancer’s Frankenstein,
    and being called to life-indenture
    that limits now my place and time.
    I don’t know what will come tomorrow,
    but it will be harder than today,
    so there’s no time to hold the sorrow
    and endeavour to walk His way.
    The choice that we have is stark
    a joyous heart, or timid soul,
    and if in choice we miss the mark,
    He cannot save us, make us whole.
    But in crossing this bleak and barren desert
    He is there to help our every effort.

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  4. When we know that God is leading and directing it really is exciting, isn’t it? Oh yes, and terrifying! Certainly will look forward to hearing more as you are able to share! Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!!

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  5. Wishing you many blessings as you step out in trust! Exciting and scary for sure! I’m not a big fan of starting down a road that I don’t know where it leads but that’s when our dependence on God grows isn’t it? Thanks for sharing and keep us updated! Cindy

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    1. Thanks, Cindy! Yes, naturally I prefer to see the whole journey ahead and know where I’m going but I’m gradually learning to trust in God and to take it one step at a time!


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