The Promise

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt.  The prompt today is “promise.”


“I promise to attend the meetings of the society as regularly and as punctually as I can, and to help them by being quiet, attentive, and reverent.”

At the club I attended as a child, we were asked to stand and repeat these words once a month.  Every month this would be preceded by the same discussion about the meaning of the word “reverent.”  It seemed that we all had a sense of what it meant, but no-one could ever explain it concisely!

As I look back on this now, I remember it all felt slightly strange.  Standing to repeat a promise, especially one with such unfamiliar words, was not something I was asked to do anywhere else, and it seemed old-fashioned.  (To be clear, this was the late 80s/ early 90s – I am not nearly as old as this story makes me sound! 😉 )

But I also remember that those moments when we recited the promise were somehow characterised by a sense of peace and, dare I say, reverence.

This club was where I learned about the Bible, and making the promise each month reminded me that it was something to be taken seriously, to commit to.  It showed me that it was important, and it cultivated a sense of respect for which I am grateful.

However, I’m also glad that, in the end, what really matters are not my promises, but God’s.

I’m relieved that salvation is based on his commitment, not on mine.

I’m thankful that even when, despite my efforts and good intentions, I fail to keep my promises, God is always faithful and his words can always be trusted.

His love is unfailing.

And his promises are sure.


15 thoughts on “The Promise

    1. Definitely! If it was based on our faithfulness we would be constantly trying to measure up. It’s such a relief to know that we can trust in God’s promises no matter what!

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  1. Great story with a wonderful truth. We must be about the same age as I have similar childhood memories from the late 80s/early 90s 😉

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  2. Thank you for sharing that story Lesley. It made me think of my sons cub scout experience. The repetition and as your words described a peace and reverence. I regret not continuing scouts for my Braedon, but God is leading him to write and act. If anything is Gods will, it will happen! Have a blessed weekend. In Christ, Julie

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  3. made a lot of promises to God
    when things got very rough.
    I told Him without hidden fraud
    that I’d cut out the sinful stuff.
    But then the storm abated
    and I knew that I would live
    and with myself remonstrated
    about what I’d aimed to give.
    I justified my step away
    from the vow to be a priest
    in assuming I had a role to play
    as some Beauty’s Beast.
    But God has got the final laugh;
    Barb says Holy Man’s my epitaph.

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    1. I love that God can still use us despite the fact that we make promises to him and then don’t fulfil them. I’m grateful for how God uses you to encourage so many others and I think that’s a great epitaph!


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