Are you well?

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt.  The prompt today is “well.”


“How are you today?  Are you well?”

The easiest thing is just to smile and say, “Yes, I’m fine – everything’s going well.”

And it is.

There’s no major crisis, no particular source of stress, no circumstance I can point to which would justify feeling otherwise.  And yet, if I’m honest, there’s a sense of weariness, and a slight anxiety, and just the feeling that everything is not quite well.

It will pass – I know it will.  It’s been like this before, and much worse, and it always does.  I’m not looking for anyone to fix anything.

So why do I share?

Because my word for the year is “truth” and it seems wrong not to tell it.

Because I long for a depth of relationship that goes beyond smiling and pretending everything’s fine.

Because I think we all feel that way at times, and yet as Christians we can be tempted to hide it.

Because it’s part of living in a broken world.

Because I hope it might encourage others that it’s OK not to be OK, that we can go to God as we are and receive his love and grace.

Because our feelings are not the ultimate truth and, no matter how we feel today, we have hope in Jesus that, in the end, it will be well.

How are you today?  How are you really?  Be honest at least with God, if not with anyone else.  However you feel today, may you know him with you, and if it is not well with your soul today, may you know his hope and peace.



14 thoughts on “Are you well?

  1. I often reprimand myself for not feeling “well” when I am so very blessed but the truth is I still feel a lingering sadness, a nagging worry, a longing to know and be more. I love the idea of the freedom to share these feelings but it doesn’t often happen. Thank your for your courage today to share with and remind us it’s ok.

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  2. It seems so much easier to agree that all is well. I often would like to say more – but I usually avoid it. Then, like you, I long for deeper relationships….and the two just fight against each other. Thanks for the challenge today.

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  3. Leslie, I am grateful for your honesty. The question of how we are is so easy to brush off or leave unanswered. A state of wellness is hard to define when you live with chronic illness. It’s all relative, I guess. One day might be a bit better or worse than the one before it. But I try to stay well in my mind even if my body won’t comply! And if ever you need a listening ear or a praying friend for those out-of-sorts days, then please don’t hesitate to contact me at I’d be happy to hear from you any time. 🙂 x

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