Soar In His Strength


Driving along a country road, my friend rounded the corner and immediately pressed on the brake. He had noticed a bird just ahead of us, standing in the middle of the road. It was a short distance off, but right in our path.

Expecting the bird to move, we continued to head towards it slowly, but it just continued to stand there happily in the middle of the road, unaware of the approaching danger – completely oblivious.

By this point, we were getting pretty close, so my friend slowed the car some more, and finally the bird noticed us, but here’s the part we were not expecting…

It tried to run away!

For the next thirty seconds or so we rode along behind the bird, which was increasingly panicking, running as fast as its legs would carry it. It was funny to watch, and we wondered how long it would be before it realised. Then, at last, it was as if the penny dropped, and it remembered it had a greater power available to it than just the speed of its running.

It had wings! …

I love it when God uses our everyday experiences to remind us of truth!  Join me at Devotable as I reflect on what that bird has to teach us about life as a Christian.

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4 thoughts on “Soar In His Strength

  1. Wonderful to start my week with these thoughts! So grateful that no matter what our circumstances, He enables us to soar on wings like eagles in His strength. Blessings!

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  2. It’s so true that oftentimes we forget that we have the power of the Holy Spirit to help us soar with wings!! I know that I can have those moments where I try to figure it all out and fix things myself…..but God!! He is ever faithful to us, to gently remind us that leaving it in His hands is the best way to soar!!! Great encouragement!! #inspirememonday linkup

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