Light Of The Distant Stars

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt.  The prompt today is “distant.”


When I saw that the Five Minute Friday prompt today was in honour of Shawn Smucker’s new book “Light From Distant Stars,” a quote came to mind…

At least I think it’s a quote.  I’m sure I saw it several years ago, and the words certainly spoke powerfully to me at the time.  The problem is I can’t remember the exact quote or where I could have seen it, and my attempts to search for it over the years have proved fruitless.

As I remember it, it goes something like this:

“Only in the darkness can we see the light of the distant stars.”

It encouraged me because I was facing a time of darkness, but, at the same time, a sense of greater closeness with God than I had ever experienced before.  The quote made sense of that.  Although the distant stars are always there, we never see them in the daylight; they are only revealed in the darkness.

In the same way, God is always there, and he is unchanging, but we don’t always see him in the same way or feel like he is there.  I have found that often it is in the times of darkness, when our dependence on other things is stripped away, that we see more of God, that we seek him and draw close to him to know him more – that we experience his light.

Isaiah 45:3 expresses a similar sentiment:

“I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness – secret riches.  I will do this so you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name.”  (NLT)

However you feel today, may you know God with you.  May you know that he is not distant, but that he draws close and calls you by name.  And if you’re walking in darkness, may you know the treasure of his presence and be drawn to know him more.  May you see the light of the distant stars.

… And if anyone can help me discover more about the origins of the quote, please do let me know!



20 thoughts on “Light Of The Distant Stars

  1. Beautiful! It’s obvious that we wouldn’t see the stars in the daytime. But I LOVE how you write it out for us to take in. I know someone needs to read these words today. Thank you for this post! God bless!

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    1. Thanks, Jennifer! And thanks for sharing that quote by Martin Luther King Jr. It is certainly similar, but I think there was a bit more to the one I half-remember. Maybe it was based on his!

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  2. Lesley, I love that quote you shared, accurate or not. What you’ve written for us gives us a look at the contrast between the darkness and light. I’ve been there, and it’s a struggle. But if we can look up, whether at the stars or at Him, we see the light. Visiting from FMF #25.

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  3. Beautiful Lesley! Living in such a rural area where there are no street lamps, neon signs, traffic lights, or neighborhoods I am able to look up and see the distant light of stars for as far as my eyes can see! The beauty of the Milky Way continues to always take my breath away. It makes what you’ve said here about seeing God’s light in dark times so vivid! I think you’ve made this saying yours!😊

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    1. Thanks, Cindy! I live in a city so I rarely see the stars like that but there is something amazing about it when I do get the chance to go to a more rural area and experience it!


  4. Well, my first go at a comment seems to have fallen away…

    These days I like to lift my eyes,
    and feel I’m falling upward
    into quiet starlit skies
    from a life so badly ruptured.
    As I drift past the nebulae,
    the pain recedes from view
    and I don’t need an alibi
    for faith that veers from true.
    Cancer can hijack the soul
    and make one beg surcease,
    but God’s starlight sets me whole
    and gives me my release.
    I’ll step out again, ere I sleep,
    look up, and heaven’s beacons keep.

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