Dancing In The Rain


As I hurried along the city street, the rain was falling heavily. Several people were out and about, but there was little interaction. Everyone was dashing from shop to shop, trying to do what they needed to do and get out of the rain.

But then the music started…

It was a brass band on the bandstand, and they were good. Gradually, people began to slow down and look up. Eventually a group, myself included, decided to brave the rain to go and listen.

As the band began to play “Singing in the Rain,” everyone shared a smile, but as we listened, my attention was drawn to an elderly lady in the crowd. Her bright pink raincoat made her stand out in the gloomy greyness of the day, but what really caught my eye was her reaction to the music. It seemed impossible for her to stand still. She began by tapping her foot, then she started swaying from side to side. Eventually she gave into it and, stepping away from the group of people into a space, she began to dance.

A couple nearby were holding a rainbow umbrella. It didn’t seem that she knew them, but she went over and took the umbrella and then began dancing in front of the crowd, twirling the umbrella as she went.

It was a beautiful moment…

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