Looking Back

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt.  The prompt today is “back.”


When I look back at the stories in the Bible, I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to be there:

What would it have been like to follow Moses through the Red Sea as the walls of water stood tall on either side and the Egyptian army charged from behind?

How would it feel to watch David defeat Goliath with just a sling and a stone?

What must the people have thought when they saw Daniel emerge from a night in the lions’ den without even a scratch?

It’s easy to look back and feel like life back then was much more exciting.  I’ve had children ask me why miracles happen all the time in the Bible but not today.

I have to remind them there were long periods in the Bible where nothing exciting was happening.  There’s a lot of waiting and a lot of silence, which is often glossed over in a few words.  “Forty years later…” sounds quick when you say it, but it can seem like an eternity when you live it waiting for a breakthrough or the fulfilment of a promise.

And as we look back at the lives of these Bible characters it’s important to remember that we serve the same God.  We may not be asked to lead a group of people from slavery, or to defeat a giant.  We may never be thrown into a lions’ den and experience a miraculous rescue.  But God is still the same, and freeing people from slavery and oppression and protecting them in the midst of danger is still very much what God is about.

Moses and David and Daniel were just ordinary men.  They were nothing special in themselves, but they served an extraordinary God. So as we look back, may their example inspire us that we serve a God who does the impossible, who acts in ways beyond our imaginings, and who uses ordinary men and women for his purposes.

Who knows how he wants to use us today?


28 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Yes!!! >>> “So as we look back, may their example inspire us that we serve a God who does the impossible, who acts in ways beyond our imaginings, and who uses ordinary men and women for his purposes.”

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  2. Lesley, hi! I’m guessing there are alot more miracles going on right now than we realize. I’m wondering if we’re looking for a certain sight or sound or event even while God is at work answering prayer in ways we never asked or imagined.

    Just thinkin’ …

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  3. That was such a wise answer about miracles. I don’t know for sure, but I’d venture to say there are been more periods of time without miracles than with them. At least not miracles as we think of them. God is working in and around and among and through us every day. I love that He uses ordinary people–that includes all of us.

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    1. Thanks, Barbara! Yes, I suppose if they were the norm they wouldn’t be miracles, but I also love that God can work in smaller ways through all of us all the time.


  4. On that day of bitter loss,
    did His friends look back?
    Did He have to take the Cross?
    Was there some other tack?
    He’d told them what would come to pass,
    and now it was fulfilled,
    but did they in the darkness ask,
    “Could we have saved Him being killed?”
    Now rudderless, they fled before
    a bleak and pounding storm,
    the earth had shook, the curtain tore
    would this be future’s form?
    Did they forget, in grief so hypnotizing
    the promise of the Easter Rising?

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    1. Great poem, Andrew! It must have been so confusing for the disciples to watch Jesus die. I know he had told them he would die and rise again but I wonder how much of it they really understood!


  5. It is so reassuring for this run of the mill gal that God uses the ordinary to do the extraordinary! It is amazing as we look back to see how He has brought things about in our lives. Not in a way we could have imagined but the way He’d planned all along! Great post!

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  6. He is an amazing God! I’m certain God is working in and through and around us performing miracles that, in comparison to the miracles we read in the Bible, look like just an everyday occurrence. Once I pushed all the negativity away from my social media existence and started focusing on the positive, I actually felt myself “seeing” some of these minor miracles around me.

    And as a former Sunday School teacher, kudos on your response to the kindergartner who asked about miracles!

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  7. A wonderful reminder of our extraordinary God – the same yesterday, today and forever. I’ve experienced or been told of miracles even in daily life. Sometimes I have to ask the question why not this time? Not because I want to be greedy, but it can be so hard to understand. But then I remember that God didn’t rescue Himself from the cross. Heaven is going to be a place of wonderful discovery and understanding.

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  8. Amen! Miracles happen everyday but we don’t necessarily hear about them or recognize them…do we 😉
    We hear about the sadness of this World rather then the gladness of God’s amazing grace which is a miracle in itself 😀 Great post Lesley!
    Bless you,

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  9. I always enjoy your writing and this was no exception. We see the big events of these heroes of our faith and oft times we fail to remember things like Sarah waiting until she was 90-something to conceive. Lord, let it not happen to me!!!!!!

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