Get Active!

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Dear Younger Me,

We’re getting practical today. We’ve talked a lot about growing spiritually and emotionally, but looking after yourself physically is important too.

After all, God made your body, and to have the fitness and energy to serve him well you have to look after it. It’s worth getting into good habits now.

I know that you’re aware of eating well. You enjoy fruit and vegetables and you hate greasy, fatty foods, so you’re off to a good start. However, chocolate can be your downfall, so be careful to limit how much you eat. I’m certainly not going to tell you to give it up, but balance is the key.

The other thing that will really help you is getting active. If you think about it, most of the things you enjoy – music, reading, going to the theatre, stitching – are fairly sedentary activities, so you need to be intentional about getting active.

It’s not difficult once you try. I know you don’t like running, or swimming, or competitive sports, but there are plenty of other ways.

Walking will become something you love. You will find that not only will it benefit you physically, but it will give you time and space to connect with God, especially when you walk in beautiful places, enjoying his creation – in the country, by the sea, even in a local park…

Don’t limit your walking to that though – incorporate it into your daily life. Walking has become my default mode of transport. If the place I am going is close enough, the weather is reasonable, and I don’t have to carry a lot, then I choose to walk. Actually, I don’t even feel like I choose anymore – it just seems to come naturally.

Warning: when you start doing this, people will think it is odd. You will be forever turning down offers of lifts from well-intentioned people who don’t understand! Stick with it anyway.

Another form of activity that you’ll come to enjoy is fitness classes, especially dance-based ones. As well as getting fit, they’re a good way to meet with others. And be open to try different things. Lately I’ve been doing a class called Clubbercise. It’s aerobics with disco lights and glowsticks, dancing to club music. I know it sounds strange and not your sort of thing at all, but it’s actually a lot of fun!

However you do it, find ways to eat well and get active. You were overweight as a child, and you have a dread of returning to that, but you don’t need to worry. You’ll never be the sort of person who can eat whatever they like without it affecting their weight, but with a little bit of care and attention you’ll find that you’re able to maintain a healthy weight and live a full and active life.

But start now! The sooner you establish these habits the easier you will find it.



Dear Younger Me...

This post is part of “Dear Younger Me…” – a series for Write 31 Days in October 2019. Each day I am basing my writing on the one-word prompt provided.  Today the prompt is “active.”  You can find an introduction to the series and an index of all the posts here, and you can find out more about the challenge and check out other people’s series here.

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16 thoughts on “Get Active!

  1. Yes, I do need to get moving. I don’t know why I am reluctant to walk or do my 30 minute cardio video. Once I do it I am always glad I did. Still, I would rather stay in my robe and pajamas and read blogs, read my Bible or more often than not, watch morning tv. One of my goals today is to get active physically- to walk/ and or exercise before 12:00 noon. Great post- it was just the kick in the butt that I needed.
    Can you please read my blog ACRONYM•ACTIVE? I am number 8 on the list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Terri! I’m glad it encourages you to get active. I agree, sometimes the thought of it is not appealing but it feels good afterwards. Look forward to reading your post.


  2. An active life’s intentional;
    it’s something that you choose,
    and even when impractical
    it’s too vital to lose.
    Bones, for instance, are rebuilt
    by internal electric flow
    not made beneath a cuddle-quilt,
    but by walking on the road.
    Digestion, too, is much improved,
    though I say with hesitation
    that in life, the more you’ve moved,
    the less there’s constipation.
    Hard exercise is hard to top,
    and it feels so good when you stop!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for bringing constipation into the conversation, Andrew. 🙂
      I agree, that exercise feels good when you stop. I quite like the feeling of sore muscles the next day because I know I’ve been working.


  3. Good afternoon Lesley,

    What wonderful talks you are having with yourself!

    I love that you told your younger self you would love walking. If I had told my younger self that, she wouldn’t believe me lol. Yes! Walking for exercise, clarity of mind, and closeness with Him.

    Thankful to write alongside you today. In Christ, Julie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Julie! I think I’ve always liked walking. It just took me a while to be intentional about seeking out the opportunities. Hope you have a good weekend. Look forward to reading your post too!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You know this post resonates with me! I sometimes wonder about people abusing their God-given bodies in lots of different ways. Walking is a wonderful way to get moving. It allows time and space for meditation and prayer too.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I talk about it. I think about it. Intellectually I know it is necessary for my best life and yet…I don’t get moving. Why? It drives me crazy about myself! Such good advice here!

    Liked by 1 person

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