Enjoy Life!

Day 31 - Enjoy Life!

Dear Younger Me,

I can hardly believe my month writing to you is over and this will be my final letter!

I’ve enjoyed our correspondence.  It has been interesting to look back at who you are – at who I was – and to reflect.  I think hindsight has helped me to understand you better and helped me to look at you with greater compassion.

My final piece of advice to you is to enjoy life!

You tend to take life pretty seriously.  You’re always working towards a goal, you’re eager to do your best at whatever you take on, and you often find yourself looking ahead to the future instead of enjoying life now.

It’s not that these are bad traits – they’re positive in many ways – but I’ve learned that it’s also good to lighten up sometimes, to take a break, to pause, and to enjoy the moment.

It’s okay to make time for this.  The things you enjoy can be simple – a walk on the beach, coffee with a friend (I know you don’t like it now, but you will come to enjoy coffee 🙂 ), some time with a good book…

In fact you’ll find that you’re more effective in everything if you take some time to rest and be refreshed instead of constantly pushing yourself.

God has given you so many good gifts, and he wants you to accept them and to enjoy them.

As you get older, you’ll discover new things you enjoy.  I mentioned public speaking already (I know you still don’t believe me!) and also walking.

Another thing you’ll come to enjoy is writing.  I know you’ve written in journals for a while and you’ve found it helpful.  Do keep that up, because as well as being therapeutic it’s so interesting to look back at them.

You’ll reach a point though when you feel a call to share your writing with others.  That idea will terrify you, but I urge you to go for it.  You’ll connect with some wonderful people, you’ll learn so much, and you’ll grow in faith and confidence.  You’ll discover a joy in expressing yourself through writing and in using it to encourage others.

Embrace it and enjoy it – after all, that’s what led me to write to you!

I think I’ll leave it there for now, but take on board the advice I’ve shared and try to live your best life.

Keep your eyes on God, and trust in him.  He won’t let you down, and he has good plans for you.

Enjoy the adventures that lie ahead!



Dear Younger Me...

This post is part of “Dear Younger Me…” – a series for Write 31 Days in October 2019. Each day I am basing my writing on the one-word prompt provided.  Today the prompt is “enjoy.”   You can find an introduction to the series and an index of all the posts here, and you can find out more about the challenge and check out other people’s series here.

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16 thoughts on “Enjoy Life!

  1. Oh, my goodness, YES!
    I feel as if I should bundle all these letters up and mail them via a time machine to my own former self. So much of what I agonized over in my twenties was just passing angst. My time and energy could have been so much better utilized in enjoying the blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It is all so very well
    to lift in praise your voice,
    but when you’re in the smoke of hell,
    enjoyment’s is still a choice.
    Remember that the pleasure
    will with the world remain,
    but that eternal treasure
    was only bought with pain.
    Birthing always brings travail
    but that need not destroy
    the knowledge of what shall prevail,
    and what prevails is joy.
    Love your live, love what you’re given,
    and love that which awaits in Heaven.

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