A Good Blether


There’s nothing like a good blether…

…although since only a small proportion of readers of this blog come from Scotland, I’m guessing that some of you may not be familiar with the word and you may have no idea what I’m talking about!

It’s a tricky word to define, but here is what the Urban Dictionary has to say about its meaning:

~n. 1. person who chatters incessantly; one who babbles on and on.
~v. 2. to engage in conversation, long-winded or idle talk

Earlier this year I attended a writing workshop run by the Scottish Book Trust.  The theme was Blether, and I found out that they were also seeking submissions on that theme for a book that would be distributed as part of Book Week Scotland.

This is Book Week Scotland, and I’m delighted to say that the piece I submitted was selected to be included in the book!

My piece is entitled “Breaking The Silence” and it tells of the experience of sharing a long-held secret with a friend – the battle to say the words out loud and the internal blether urging continued silence.

It was particularly encouraging as it is the first piece I have written that is not primarily for a Christian audience.

If you’re in Scotland, look out for the book being distributed this week, or if you know me personally let me know if you’d like a copy as I have a few to give out.

If you’re not in Scotland, you can still have a read!  If you go to this page and scroll down, there is the option to download a Kindle or PDF version of the book (it’s all free!) and if you click here, you can listen to me reading the audio book version!  Just another unexpected step on this writing journey that I’m so glad I began!

I mainly write today just to share the news, but I’d also love it if you’d join me in praying that my words may have an impact in helping someone else, somewhere, speak out about something they need to share.

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35 thoughts on “A Good Blether

  1. Leslie,
    I was drawn into your posts because I had no idea what a “blether” was. Now I know. I scrolled and read your blether. I do believe that God gives us the gift of words (and tears).Often there is a catharsis when we simply get the words out (however they spill out). When I’ve dared to be vulnerable, I am met more often with empathy than with judgment…just more of God’s goodness. Thanks for sharing!
    Bev xx

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    1. Thanks, Bev! Glad to teach you a new Scottish word, and thanks for reading! I agree, I think the sharing itself usually goes better than we think – it’s the fear we have to wrestle with beforehand that can be the real challenge!


  2. Congratulations, Lesley!

    Do we blether, do we blather,
    do we natter through the night?
    Do we chat or do we chatter
    when the silence we affright?
    Do we talk the talk of sages,
    or do we gab when we make merry?
    Are we fit for learned pages
    or is it verbal dysentery?
    Do we speak above our station,
    like we’re from Oxford when we ain’t,
    or does our frank communication
    have the heat to blister paint?
    And does the same talking disease
    go in Mandarin, and Cantonese?

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  3. Blether <— I've learned a new word!!! 🙂 Hello there Scotland! A couple Christmases ago my hubs and I did the Ansestory.com thing for our Christmas gifts to each other. We opened and read the results on Christmas morning (although I later found out that he had already peaked at the results in an email) in front of our family. Mine was 94% Great Brittan!!! I had no idea! I've got to get over there across the "pond" and explore my heritage a bit!

    Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

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  4. Your title got me curious, as I wasn’t sure what a blether was. Sounds like someone may blether once they have visited the neighbor to Scotland’s west and kissed the Blarney stone. LOL I am going to have to remember this term. As I have been accused of blethering!

    Congrats on your piece being published! Love that the topic is opposite of blether. Silence keeps so many of our secrets inside us and shame in place.

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  5. Awww, Lesley. I’m so, so excited for you! And can I tell you, as soon as I saw that there was a link that would take me to the audio piece and you reading it? I clicked. You are a powerful writer, my friend. And hearing your voice reading your words made it more meaningful. Well done!

    PS—I love your accent. 😉

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  6. Congratulations, Lesley! I’ve learned a new word, too. 🙂 I just listened to the audio version, and I’m so proud of you for getting this message out, something so many struggle with. I’m so grateful for you and what you do to help people break the silence! Love and blessings to you!

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  7. Congratulations, Lesley! This sounds great! By the way, I never heard this word before;) Praying that your words will help and encourage people to break the silence and bring their secrets into the light where they can find healing.

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