2019 In Review

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It’s that time of year again when we look back and reflect on the year that is ending and begin to plan for the year ahead.

I don’t know about you, but in some ways it feels like 2019 has hardly begun!

As I began thinking back over the year, at first it was hard to think of highlights or achievements.  There have been lots of good times, but nothing outstanding or life-changing.  It made me wonder what I have to show for the year…

But as I reflected further, I realised that in many ways, 2019 has been about learning the value of consistency, of keeping taking small steps forward.  Often it doesn’t feel like you’re making progress at the time, but as you look back, you see how far you’ve come.

It has been a year of developing healthy habits – of getting into better patterns of eating, exercise and sleeping – and as I have focussed on these things, I have definitely seen the benefits.

It has been a year of follow-through.  As I have worked to complete a two-year Bible curriculum for school groups, I have realised how hard I find that.  It was easy to be enthusiastic in the early stages of the project when it was all exciting and new, but keeping going when the initial excitement had worn off, when it has felt my creativity has run dry… it has been hard, but a valuable lesson in self-discipline.  I’m so grateful that people have been using the material so I’ve had no choice but to keep it coming.  (And once I do a final edit on the last six sessions, the project will be complete!)

It has been a year of preparation – of looking ahead to a new challenge for 2020 and getting ready.  Particularly during Advent, I have been taking time to be intentional about prayer for this, and I feel like a good foundation has been laid for all that lies ahead.

It is always interesting to look back at the end of the year and see which blog posts have been the most popular, so here are my five posts that have had the greatest number of views in 2019.

Writing For His Glory

A look at our motivation as Christian writers – how can we make sure we are truly writing for God’s glory instead of seeking to promote ourselves?  This post includes a review of the book “Influence” by Kate Motaung and Shannon Popkin as well as some of my own reflections on the topic.

A Call To Help The Wounded

A call to the church to help those who have been wounded by sexual abuse, and some thoughts on how we can get started in doing this.

Keep Asking Why

The first post in my October Write 31 Days series “Dear Younger Me…” in which I wrote a letter to my younger self each day.  This series is one of the things I most enjoyed writing this year.

Songs Of Truth

A playlist of songs that keep me grounded in truth.

What Is A Girl Worth?

A review of Rachael Denhollander’s memoir telling of her fight for justice for herself and many other women who had been abused by USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar.

Thank you for joining me here in 2019.  I am always blessed by this community, and I am grateful for each one of you.

Happy New Year when it comes, and may you know God’s blessing in 2020!

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14 thoughts on “2019 In Review

  1. Most times I like those years of small, consistent steps rather than the roller coaster years of major ups and downs. Good for you for changing health habits! I did add regular exercise this year but need to cut back on sweets. I’m sure it’s nice to have the end of your curriculum project in sight! It’s great to have people actually using it already.

    Happy 2020!

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  2. Looks like you made the best use of a year, Lesley! I can’t believe 2020 is almost here. I’ve been preparing today for things I want to read and work on in this coming year. I look forward to reading what God will be doing in your life in 2020.

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