It’s Worth The Risk!

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt.  The prompt today is “risk.”  Also linking with Grace & Truth


I’d never have thought of myself as a risk-taker.  I’ve always been cautious by nature – planning carefully, considering the possible outcomes, too often erring on the side of playing it safe.

But something has changed…

As I reflected a couple of weeks ago, I’m starting to live “the life I never led.”

If I was to sum up the past month, “risk” would be a good word.

It’s a risk to stand up and share your story and your heart, not knowing how it is going to be received.

It’s a risk to enter into someone else’s pain, to hear of horror beyond anything you can imagine, and to stay and to listen, knowing there’s nothing you can do, but somehow trusting that God has brought you together for this purpose and he can bring healing.

It’s a risk to publicly start out on a particular path with no idea where that path will lead or whether anyone will join you on the journey.

It’s a risk to share the truth with friends, to let yourself be known as you are, and to hope their response is good.

And the risk is not without cost.  There has been anxiety, and sleepless nights, and days when exhaustion has hit…

But it has been absolutely worth it.

This month has been a lesson in seeing what God can do when you take the risk (the risk that he is calling you to.)

It has given me the opportunity to help someone in need, and, despite my feelings of inadequacy, it’s obvious that the way our paths have crossed can only have been God.

It has allowed me to experience a miracle of God’s timing and people’s stories intersecting that blows my mind.  And I know this is only the start and the potential for the future is huge! (And I wish I could tell you more, and one day hopefully I will!)

It has deepened friendships, grown community, and planted seeds for future conversations, and I’m glad I took the risk…

…Because the greater risk would have been to do nothing, to settle, to hold back.

The greater risk would have been to miss out on joining in with what God wants to do.



37 thoughts on “It’s Worth The Risk!

  1. It’s definitely a risk to step out and put yourself out there. But the reward will most likely always be worth the risk. If the worldly reward is not there, the spiritual one will be. Because if we follow the will of God, He’ll always approve.

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  2. It sounds as if taking the leap of faith to follow God’s leading when it seems risky has exhilarated you 😁! I’m so glad he’s given you amazing opportunities to grow and stretch and draw close to him.

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  3. Leslie, we thought along the same line. I had to sit long and hard before writing my own post this morning. I came to this conclusion … the risk to do what He has called us to do will always be worth it. May God be with you and bless you as you continue to risk much for Him and those He places in your life!

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    1. Absolutely! I am afraid so much that if I didn’t do things afraid I wouldn’t do much at all! I can’t necessarily get rid of the fear but I can choose to take action anyway.


  4. Risk is hard. I am so proud of you stepping out of your comfort zone. You have inspired me to do the same. I have been holding back but I am raring to go after listening to your example. Thank you for sharing your post on Grace & Truth.

    Maree Dee

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  5. This brings me to tears, Lesley. I’m so proud of you for stepping out and taking a risk. Many hurting will benefit from it. So thank you. Also for inspiring us. May God give us strength to step out into what He calls us to do, even though it may be so hard!

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  6. There was once a bloke called Jonah,
    and God told him what he must do:
    warn the folks in Nineveh
    that His patience was nearly through.
    But Jonah knew the Ninevites,
    and what would happen if he’d tell
    them what God said, in sound-bites;
    it would surely not end well.
    So he tried to cross the stormy sea
    and as bad luck, he was ditched.
    And then to top his misery
    he was swallowed by a fish.
    Had he steeled himself to serve,
    he’d have avoided being whale-hors d’oeuvre.

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  7. “The greater risk would have been to miss out on joining in with what God wants to do.” I have to consciously remind myself of this from time to time because I am NOT a risktaker by nature either. Your recent risks are encouraging to me too, Lesley.

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