This post has been written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt.  The prompt today is “adjust.”


I think, for most of us, the last couple of weeks has seen us having to make lots of adjustments to our daily lives.

Simple pleasures, which we probably took for granted, are now out of reach: meeting a friend for coffee, gathering in the same room as our church community, getting together for a family celebration.

Instead, for me anyway, Zoom meetings have become the “new normal”.  Yesterday alone I had five Zoom meetings, which is probably more than I had had in my entire life before last week!

Today, after a crash course in using the technology, we attempt to host our first Zoom youth group.

Adapting and adjusting has not been easy.  The last couple of weeks have brought so many changes that just when I think I’ve adjusted to one thing, something else changes.

It hasn’t been easy for anyone, but one thing I have been amazed at over the last couple of weeks is our capacity to adapt and adjust.  It has been so encouraging to see the efforts church leaders have made to get up to speed with new technology in order to keep their congregations connected, to see new, creative ways of doing ministry, to see that, from my experience anyway, people are attempting to stay positive and focus on the good.

Above all, I’m grateful that we have a God who never changes – someone who is faithful and reliable in the midst of the chaos and confusion we see around us, someone we can cling to, someone we can trust.

What about you?  How have you had to adjust your daily life, and how are you finding it? 

14 thoughts on “Adjust

  1. Thanks for this today. I totally agree. I find myself changing my mind so often these days. What I said last week and how I felt about this, is not true today. I wish I was 18 again. It seemed like I knew everything then 🙂
    Seems like we are all zooming around these days! Blessings to you… and thanks again for sharing

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  2. Leslie, it is so true that at this time of having to quickly adjust, I am finding our God never changes. He meets us right where we are and in however we meet together. Blessings to you!

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  3. I’m still looking for my life;
    if I find the thing, I’ll let you know,
    but its madness had come rife,
    so perhaps I’ll let it go
    to run the fields and bonny fells
    ’till it balks at some grey fence
    in pause as whisper-wind tells
    it please, go find some sense!
    And then it might come back to me,
    nibbling bracken now and then,
    realising that to be made free
    it must circumspectly choose just when
    it must labour, when to dream,
    and when to follow eye’s mad gleam.

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  4. Did you have Zoom meetings before all of this? Just curious – because I had never even heard of it. But I am woefully behind on technology. Just thinking of all the ways my horizons will be stretched during these days/weeks:)

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  5. Wow, 5 Zoom meetings in a day! I had to grin when I read that this number eclipsed all your Zoom meetings before that. 🙂 My husband and my boys have had some Zoom meetings also for work (hubs) or to connect with friends (boys). I was part of one yesterday.

    We’ve adjusted everything in our schedules. The boys have lots of free time right now. We’re going to adjust again on Monday when they begin schooling-from-home. And my schedule will adjust with theirs. Our calendars are wide open white squares right now. I’m having to adjust so I can still be productive during parts of my days. 🙂

    I’m saying prayers for you, friend.

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    1. I am so grateful for the technology that lets us have things like Zoom to keep in touch. I can imagine this thing would be so much harder without them!
      I think we’re all having to adjust in all kinds of ways, even to the idea of having an empty schedule.
      Praying for you too!


  6. With both having chronic health issues, social isolation comes with the territory, so this is nothing new for us…
    Hubby & I are living our normal life together only with a little less pressure on having to attend appointments now. We are enjoying this time & using it for restoration 😀
    Bless you,

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