Different People

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt.  The prompt today is “people.”


I don’t know about you, but I find people fascinating.

People-watching is something I’ve definitely missed during lockdown, and I think that has been part of the reason why I’ve been so lacking in inspiration recently.  I miss those random glimpses you get into people’s lives as you walk down the street or overhear a conversation on the bus.  I miss watching young people interact with one another at groups and camps.  I miss the kind of group chats that are really not possible online in quite the same way as they are in person.  So often those little moments spark a thought and fuel my creativity.

Sometimes I just look at a crowd of people and feel overwhelmed at the fact that each one is unique – and I know I’m only looking at a tiny proportion of all the people in the world.  How is it possible for God to come up with so many variations on a theme?  To create each of us in his image but so different from one another?

And it’s something to celebrate – we need different people!

We need different perspectives.  This week I have spent hours interacting with others over a project we are involved in, and it has been one of the most energising things I have done lately.  On many issues we have been coming from different perspectives, and on some things we have disagreed, but it has been the best kind of discussion – where people listen as well as talk, where there is a mutual respect, where people feel free to say what they think, where they are open to learn from one another.

And for the first time in weeks I feel inspired to write rather than it feeling like an effort!

God could have created people all the same, but he chose to create us different, and I’m so glad he did!

22 thoughts on “Different People

  1. Blimey, Lesley – I’ve just been thinking something similar, about how we are all different and how we all have different gifts! I, too, am glad that God made us all so different. The diversity in everything is wonderful … in people, in animals/nature and in landscape, etc.
    I’m glad that you feel your inspiration being kindled once more. 😀

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  2. Hooray for inspiration! I have to confess, during quarantine I have often stood in my kitchen and looked out the front window to watch people go down my street. My street is a pretty popular route, so I’d see dog walkers, joggers, cyclists, and other folks. People are fascinating, and it’s crazy to think that, even though we are all different, we are all made in God’s image. God is pretty awesome.

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  3. Working with others is such a creative, energizing thing to do. Glad you could pour in to your creativity this week.
    Visiting from FMF #8 (BTW – I permanently borrowed that from you. I think that is an excellent way to “sign” your posts.)

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    1. Thanks! Yes, times like those where people are working well together are amazing. And I’m sure I copied the number thing from someone else years ago too!


    1. Thanks, Loretta! I’m a people person of sorts. I love people, but I’m definitely an introvert and I like my own space too. I love small group chat, especially deep conversations, but I have to make an effort with small talk!


  4. I especially love your paragraph about the project with diverse perspectives. I’ve been grieving recently over polarizing Facebook posts, with everyone villainizing people who don’t think just as they do. How we need different viewpoints from different people.

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    1. Yes, it’s so sad that people dismiss other perspectives (and other people) without really listening instead of showing respect and trying to understand. Learning to disagree well is so important.

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    1. Praying for you, Andrew. Praying that you know Jesus with you and for his peace that passes understanding. He understands. Your words remind me of his before he went to the cross. Praying that you know his strength and comfort.


  5. I have been reminded of something Blackaby said in Experience God. He challenged us to find God at work and join Him there. I think this season is God at work. Are there some ungodly activities going on? Yes! But God is definitely doing something. I applaud you for joining Him there.

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  6. I’ve been having these similar thoughts lately but not just with people. I’ve been overwhelmed by the variety in nature, too. Even the same species of birds each one is unique. At the beach the zillions of shell colors and designs was almost overwhelming. God wouldn’t have had to create so much diversity, but He did and we need to embrace it everywhere we look, especially when looking at each other!
    PS Love the excitement I can sense in this post!

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