Five Years, Five Books!

Five Books

So, today’s the day – five years since this blog began!  I can hardly believe it’s been so long!

Five years ago I would never have dreamed of having some of my writing published in an actual book, but I’ve had a few opportunities over the years.  Today I thought I’d share about five books I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to.  Two of these are brand new and three you will have heard about before if you’ve been following this blog for a while.

GT Book

I wrote yesterday about one of my favourite online communities.  Another community I have loved being part of is Gracefully Truthful.

It was around two and a half years ago when I discovered the opportunity to write for them and I knew straight away that it was the perfect fit.  Since then I’ve been able to share several posts.  (You can find links on my Guest Posts and Features page.)

I also got to take part in a Zoom call last month to meet with some of the other writers.  It was amazing to see them in person (sort of) and to be able to share and pray together.

Recently some of the Gracefully Truthful studies have been published in book form, and I’m delighted that two of mine have been included – one in the “Woven” book which you can see above and one in the “Gospel” book.

You can find “Woven” on Amazon at these links: UK, US, and “Gospel” at these links: UK,US

Devotable Prayer Book

Another website I have enjoyed contributing to is Devotable, and recently I had a devotion included in this book – Prayer: Approaching The Throne Of Grace.  In it I share about turning worry into prayer.

The book contains devotions on many different aspects of prayer, as well as journalling questions.  The idea is to focus on one topic for a week, noting your reflections and your prayers.

The printed book contains lots of space for this, but it is also available as an e-book.  This format contains only the devotions but a link is provided so you can download the journalling pages and print them for yourself.

You can find the book on Amazon at these links: UK, US

FMF Book

I wrote yesterday about the Five Minute Friday community and the part it has played in my writing journey.  It also provided my first opportunity to have a piece included in a book!

This book, published in 2016, is a compilation of 150 favourite blog posts from Five Minute Friday participants and it is a beautiful tribute to a wonderful community.

You can find the book on Amazon at these links: UK, US.

ACW Christmas Book

This Christmas anthology was produced in 2018 by the Association of Christian Writers and having a piece included remains one of my proudest writing achievements.  I knew that several extremely talented and much more experienced writers were submitting, so I was overjoyed to have a piece included.

The book is lovely either as a Christmas gift or to read in the run-up to Christmas.  It contains a wide variety of poems, short stories and reflections, and has something to suit everyone.

You can find the book on Amazon at these links: UK, US

Blether Book

And last but not least, in 2019 I had a piece included in this book, which was produced by the Scottish Book Trust for Book Week Scotland.  100,000 copies were printed and distributed free during the week.

(For those who are not Scottish (which I know is most of you!), here is what the Urban Dictionary has to say about the meaning of the word Blether:

~n. 1. person who chatters incessantly; one who babbles on and on.
~v. 2. to engage in conversation, long-winded or idle talk)

This is the only piece of mine which has been included in something that is not explicitly Christian, and another new experience with this book was having to record my piece for the audio book version!

You can download the e-book version free from this page and you can listen to the audio version of my piece here.

So, five book contributions in five years (well, technically six!)

Who knows what the next five years will bring?

This post is part of a series of five posts to mark the five year anniversary of this blog.  Check out my previous posts to read about the book that inspired me to get started and to find out more about Five Minute Friday, and join me again tomorrow for another post!


12 thoughts on “Five Years, Five Books!

  1. Lesley, I remember what you wrote about blether! Good work on all these book contributions. I’m loving these five days of posts about five years of blogging. Here’s to five more years … and then who knows how many after that! 🙂

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