This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday: write for five minutes on a one-word prompt. The prompt today is “grateful.”

The FMF prompt is appropriate today, because grateful is how I feel.

As I look back over 2020, it’s been a strange year – I’m sure many of you feel the same.

It started with a bang – my word for the year was “vision” and I had a vision for a ministry in my church that began to be worked out in the first months of 2020 in ways beyond anything I could have imagined.

God was at work in unexpected ways, and I felt that I was standing back watching it all happen…

Then lockdown.

Suddenly everything came screeching to a halt. And over the months since then it has felt like, bit by bit, everything that had been achieved was lost.

The vision remained, but the way forward seemed increasingly difficult. Doubts and questions began to creep in – had it really been from God? And, if so, why had it all worked out like this?

Still no answers, but over the last few weeks something has been stirring.

Hope, renewal of the vision, a sense of urgency to get going again…

I still don’t know how or when it will be possible, but it feels like it’s time to get ready.

The main reason for my gratitude is that in two separate situations, God suddenly showed me this week that in these long months of waiting he has not been inactive at all, but he has been quietly at work behind the scenes. He has been working in people’s hearts and circumstances to prepare the way, and actually all that I thought had been lost has not been lost after all.

So I’m grateful – grateful that God is still working even when we can’t see, grateful that he didn’t give up on the vision, grateful that he can make a way when it seems impossible. I’m grateful that once again I’m standing back and watching him at work, and I’m excited to see what will happen next!

Even when I don’t see it, you’re working,
Even when I don’t feel it, you’re working.
You are way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness.
My God, that is who you are!”


20 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. God does not inten to grieve
    our hearts when He forestalls us,
    but so often we believe
    we’re thrown beneath His mighty bus
    as He drives merrily along,
    handing others favour,
    singing out some blessing song
    as we’re condemned to labour
    bloody, broken and abused
    beside the road, abandoned;
    but in this we are confused,
    for in Grace He’s handed
    us the way to be effective
    in using delay as perspective.

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    1. Thanks, Andrew! It is important to remember that God has a good plan and although the delays may be frustrating to us they are not a surprise to him and he is still working.


  2. I’m glad that your vision is renewed – that’s not an easy thing this year. It’s great that God is showing you that “all that I thought had been lost has not been lost after all”. Isn’t He amazing? Just when we think something’s over and impossible, He shows us why He’s God 🙂 x

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  3. Such a blessing to read this! I remember the excitement of the ministry you felt God was opening up and then disappointment when everything came to a halt. I’m so glad to hear that God has been working behind the scenes.

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  4. It’s amazing how that song has been popping up everywhere in my world lately! Definitely not a coincidence! God has been reminding me so much this year that even though sometimes it feels like He’s not doing anything He most definitely is and He’s working in ways I never would have imagined.

    Love this! Thank you!

    Annie FMF #25

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