The Longest Night

Advent – the season of waiting, a time of longing and hopeful expectancy as we prepare to celebrate the coming of the Saviour.

It seems that so much of this year has been about waiting – waiting for a solution, waiting for a vaccine, waiting to see family and friends again, waiting for life to return to normal – with no indication of when that is likely to be.

But maybe that’s helpful as we reflect on Advent. It’s all too easy for the season to pass us by. It’s a busy time of year, and it’s only four weeks – we know exactly when Christmas is going to come.

But for the Israelites, waiting for the Promised Messiah, there was no such certainty over the timeframe, only hundreds of years of silence and hoping.

“Would God’s promise of a Redeemer ever come true?
Had He forgotten?
Could He really be trusted?”

Last week, I began a mini-series called “We Need A Little Christmas,” looking at the hope Jesus has to offer specifically for 2020. Today we’re focusing on the hope his coming offers in our times of waiting and uncertainty.

I’d love it if you’d join me at Gracefully Truthful to read the post.

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14 thoughts on “The Longest Night

  1. I just can’t imagine waiting hundreds of years. It’s unfathomable, isn’t it? It’s so encouraging that “God may have been silent, but He was not inactive.” Also that even if we don’t understand God’s way and timing, “we can trust in His goodness and His faithfulness.” Thank you for this hope-filled message, Lesley. Love and blessings to you!

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    1. I know, the wait of several hundred years puts our “long waits” into perspective! It is encouraging to remember that God knows what he is doing and his timing is perfect. Love and blessings to you too!

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  2. Advent this year is particularly poignant since yes, it does seem we’ve spent this year waiting, waiting, waiting. Thankfully God is with us even in our waiting! Wishing you a wonderful Advent season and Christmas season, Lesley!

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  3. Lesley, though the topic of “waiting” doesn’t normally feel encouraging, your post was encouraging! Even though God is silent, doesn’t mean He is inactive. In 2020, a year of waiting we can be sure God is not idle! Thank you!

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  4. You are so right, Lesley. This pandemic-altered Christmas does make it more likely that we can focus on Advent and take joy from the anticipation, rather than rushing headlong in a mad dash to Christmas.

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  5. Hundreds of years of silence and waiting. It makes me think too, of how Jesus is called the Prince of Peace. God so wants peace in our hearts during even the waiting times. And it really is trusting in His sovereignty that brings that peace, too, isn’t it? “We can’t always understand why we have to wait; God’s ways and His timing are often not the same as ours. But we can trust in His goodness and His faithfulness. His promises will be fulfilled, sometimes (often!) in unexpected ways.” Amen!

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    1. Yes, when we can lay down our desire for control and trust that God knows what he is doing it is definitely the way to peace. Easier to say and harder to put into practice though!


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